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BYU-Idaho names first female vice president

Students walk between classes.
Students walk between classes.
Deseret News archive

BYU-Idaho's President Clark Gilbert named student development managing director, Amy Labaugh, vice president over student life Tuesday. Labaugh is the first woman to serve as a vice president at BYU-Idaho.

President Gilbert made the announcement to faculty via email Tuesday.

“I believe Amy’s background and personal leadership prepare her particularly well for this time and season as we look at issues and opportunities facing our students,” President Gilbert said, according to Scroll, BYU-Idaho's school newspaper.

LaBaugh will replace Kevin Miyasaki who is retiring after suffering a stroke in March.

“Now, not only do I get to be a champion for the student services I have looked over until now, but for all of student life because everyone in student life is working for student success,” Labaugh said according to Scroll.

Read Scroll's article about the announcement here.