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Elsie Mahe's health continues to slip; family says her organs will be donated to save the lives of others

PROVO — Elsie Mahe's condition has worsened.

Elsie Mahe, the 3-year-old daughter of BYU running backs coach Reno Mahe, was admitted to Primary Children's Hospital on Tuesday after becoming entangled in a mini-blind cord and has been in treatment since. On a GoFundMe account established by family friend Jeremy Roberts, the Mahes updated the condition of their daughter Sunday.

"I had hoped that these miracles would preclude the miracle of Elsie's life being preserved. But her brain is only functioning enough to give her body oxygen and perform very basic functions and those have begun to decline as well," the statement said.

"We received some much needed clarity while worshipping at the Salt Lake City Temple. The miraculous healing we have been praying for is not FOR Elsie, but FROM Elsie. We met this morning with a representative from the hospital organ donation team and feel confident that this is the Lord's will for Elsie — to be a life saving miracle for others. It is not the miracle that we wanted, but it is the one we got. It is still a miracle."

Elsie Mahe's influence was present at BYU's 28-10 win over Utah State in the Cougars' regular-season finale Saturday night. Several people, including players like punter Jonny Linehan and running back Jamaal Williams, wore pink to honor Elsie Mahe with her favorite color.

Williams also presented Reno Mahe with the game ball in the postgame locker room.

"I think it’s been hard on the family and definitely hard on our football family. I know Reno wants to focus on the seniors and the team, but it was beautiful to hear Jamaal speak so emotionally about the team and how connected he is to this program, and then to give the game ball to Reno and his family," BYU head coach Kalani Sitake said.

Williams emphasized the importance of being there for family when asked about presenting the game ball to his position coach.

"It's just family, you know. Reno is family — that whole family is family so when they hurt, we hurt. Reno and his wife (Sunny Mahe) said that they already went through their grieving stage for me, I didn't have one. When I saw her and Reno's wife and him, I just started crying because it hurt me," Williams said.

"My family member is going through trials and it just hurts me. I'm a real family man and when one of my family members is hurt, I do whatever I can to help them out and let them know I feel the same way that I feel."

The Mahes shared their appreciation for those who have supported them through what has been a heartbreaking process.

"She is comfortable and not in pain. We will stay by her side and continue to love her forever. We do not have a timeline for how long this transition will take," the statement said.

"Your prayers and fasting have been badly needed for Reno and I, for our children and for our extended families. We continue to be attended by angels — seen and unseen — and truly have been given strength beyond our own capacity. Thank you for this gift. My friends of all faiths, thank you for your sustaining love, support, prayers and fasts. I believe it to be the reason I have not fallen to pieces and am able to be a strength to my family. May the Lord bless each of you for your caring and kindness to my family."

Donations can still be made on the GoFundMe account as the family is going through this transition.