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Game review: Legends of Andor, Journey to North features new map, legends

Fans of the board game Legends of Andor know the game centers around adventures called legends. There was a limited number of legends in the base game, but a new expansion, Journey to the North, adds tons of new content, including new legends.

In Legends of Andor, Journey to the North, by Kosmos Games, players will receive a new full-sized double-sided board depicting the dangerous northern sea filled with multiple locations to explore. A new playable character also joins the adventuring group in the form of a sea warrior.

The sea is a dangerous place and the adventurers will manage an upgradable ship that can be used throughout the new adventures to traverse the giant map. The ship's movement is tricky because the game relies on wind cards to aid or restrict movement. Careful planning is needed to reach a specified destination in as little time as possible because Legends of Andor is all about time.

The ship is a crucial part of this expansion and a cool player board representing the ship is included. This board has changeable parts that are swapped out when the ship is upgraded. Sea creatures and seafaring are important parts of this expansion and these elements add a new flavor to the game that will reward fans of the game who have patiently awaiting this expansion.

New creatures contained in this expansion are neraxes, sea trolls, tauri, arrogs, silver dwarves, sorcerers of fire, sorcerers of the tower, a sea giant and the deadly Qurun. There are several special characters too that come alive during the two additional legends and three figures are reserved for creating new adventures designed by players themselves.

Four new legends steadily engage adventurers in an exciting narrative. The legends are titled "Finding the Cartographer," "The Storm Begins," "Lords of the Sea" and "Hadria." There are also tons of new tokens, figures, dice and cardboard miniatures to help bring the new adventures to life.

The Legends of Andor series includes a previously released expansion (click here for the Deseret News review) that allows five to six players to enjoy the game. It can be easily integrated into Journey to the North with a couple of rule changes that are detailed in this expansion. Kosmos did an excellent job of making sure the previous expansions can still be used for the game.

Legends of Andor, Journey to the North, is the biggest expansion for the game yet. For those who own the base game and have conquered the legends must buy this expansion. It will double the size of the game and add many more hours of adventuring. There are also some wonderful surprises in the box that make this a worthy purchase. Another great thing about Legends of Andor is that the game is family friendly and the cooperative nature of the mechanics make it great for game night. For those new to the game, know that this is a fantastic game. Find out more at the Legends of Andor website.