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Hayes Tate, son of former University of Utah safety Steve Tate, passes away from cancer

Former University of Utah safety Steve Tate's 20-month-old son has passed away. Hayes Tate was diagnosed with brain cancer in January.

Steve Tate, who openly shared his family's experiences on Instagram while Hayes was undergoing treatment, posted the news Sunday morning.

Steve Tate shared Nov. 26 that his son's condition had worsened after a period of relative stability.

As Steve Tate provided updates about his son, college football fans around the state used #HayesTough on social media to show support for the boy.

Hayes Tate was a triplet born to Steve and Savanna Tate 20 months ago. The couple has three other children.

Steve Tate played for the Utes from 2004-2007, garnering first-team All-Mountain West Conference honors his senior season.