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UVU names library after philanthropist Ira Fulton

OREM — Utah Valley University has renamed its library after philanthropist Ira A. Fulton and his late wife, Mary Lou.

The announcement was made during the university’s culminating 75th anniversary event in November — the unveiling of the “Roots of Knowledge” stained glass windows at the facility.

The announcement comes approximately eight years after the library was dedicated as the capstone event to the institution’s university transition, a transition in which the Fultons were instrumental.

In 2006, Ira Fulton helped boost transition efforts by announcing a matching challenge campaign that sparked a new level of giving at UVU. He also personally petitioned the Legislature to make the institution a university.

“The impact that the Fultons have had on this institution, its students, and its future cannot be overstated,” President Matthew S. Holland said in a statement. “The path to university status would have undoubtedly been a more difficult one to travel were it not for the Fultons. Our library stands as a symbolic representation and reminder of our university transition and, as such, it is fitting that it will bear the Fulton name.”

Ira Fulton is a philanthropist, land developer, businessman and founder of Fulton Homes. The late Mary Lou Fulton worked as an educator most of her life. Donating a significant amount of their corporate profits, they have invested more than $300 million toward worthy causes, primarily those associated with education in an effort to educate tomorrow’s leaders.