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Top 24 contestant Jenn Blosil talks about LDS faith, mission and 'American Idol' journey thus far

When “American Idol” auditions came to Philadelphia in August 2015, 23-year-old Jenn Blosil decided to make the two-hour trip south from Brooklyn, New York, thinking that if she lost, at least she could get a Philly cheesesteak.

What began in Philadelphia has now landed Blosil a spot among the Top 24 contestants on the 15th and final season of “American Idol.”

Blosil, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said auditioning for “American Idol” just felt right.

“It was not really in the cards, and it was unexpected, but it felt good, so we rolled with it,” Blosil told the Deseret News.

In 2012, Blosil launched a Kickstarter campaign that helped her raise recording funds. In a video associated with that campaign, Blosil explained that she began playing the piano at age 4.

“I always wanted to play sports, but I couldn’t because I had to play the piano,” Blosil said in the video.

Blosil grew up in Orem, Utah. She began writing her own songs at age 12, and she has performed at Provo’s Velour Live Music Gallery, according to The Digital Universe.

Throughout her career as a musician, Blosil has relied on her LDS faith.

“It has played a central role in where I draw strength from, and I feel like it helps me own who I am and write music that comes from an honest place,” she said.

Blosil isn't shy about discussing her religion. In a Q-and-A video with the Top 24 contestants posted on the "American Idol" Facebook page, Blosil responded to the question, "Who inspired you to start singing?" with the answer, "Church people."

Blosil also shares her faith through her Instagram account. She has posted about what she learned at church, her experience singing with the choir for the Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults in September 2015 and her goal to regularly attend the temple.

“My faith is something that is really personal to me, and so I feel like the best way of sharing your faith is just by living what you believe,” Blosil said. “I feel like every interaction with people is a direct expression of faith.”

Blosil served a full-time mission for the LDS Church in the New York New York South Mission from February 2013 to August 2014.

“That experience of serving brought out new talents, and I developed new talents,” Blosil said. “It helped me get real with myself, and it’s been such a great blessing."

One thing Blosil enjoys about being on "American Idol" is connecting with people, including the other contestants, the vocal coaches and the band. Throughout the process, she has been able to maintain her individuality.

On Monday, Blosil shared a post on her Instagram account encouraging others to embrace their quirks.

"Own your weirdness," Blosil wrote on her Instagram. "Don't let anyone take your sparkle. Love your story."

Blosil's unique voice and her personality have impressed the judges. Keith Urban, one of the judges on the show, said Blosil was "unforgettable" following her audition.

“I think that a blessing that ‘American Idol’ gives its contestants is it lets us be who we are, and it gives us the liberty to express that, and they encourage that, in fact,” Blosil said.

Blosil's unusual sound and quirky personality aren't the only things that set her apart. According to her Kickstarter video, she is the only person in the world named Jenn Blosil.

When her great-great-grandfather immigrated to the United States, he was the only person given the last name Blosil. Her great-great-grandfather had a single son. Her great-grandfather also had a single son, as did her grandfather. Now, just her immediate family, her aunts, her uncles and her cousins claim the name Blosil.

Jenn Blosil's individuality helped her make it to the Top 24, and her unique name is becoming increasingly recognizable as the competition progresses.

“It is incredible to me that I cannot walk anywhere without someone recognizing me,” Blosil said.

Blosil’s journey on “American Idol” continues tonight on Fox.

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