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Book review: Brandon Mull’s ‘Death Weavers’ is a compelling 4th installment in Five Kingdoms series

SHARE Book review: Brandon Mull’s ‘Death Weavers’ is a compelling 4th installment in Five Kingdoms series

"DEATH WEAVERS: Five Kingdoms, Book 4," by Brandon Mull, Simon & Schuster, $17.99, 502 pages (f) (ages 8-12)

Utah native Brandon Mull continues to delight readers with the fourth installment of his Five Kingdoms series, "Death Weavers."

By now, Cole Randolph knows to expect the unexpected as his unlikely crew continues to the fourth kingdom in the Outskirts, Necronum. He is still searching for his other captured friends, who were taken by slave traders during a night of trick-or-treating gone wrong. So far, he has found one, Dalton, and he also unexpectedly found his brother, Hunter, who has joined their crusade.

Cole and his friends also continue in their other urgent cause: the search for the High King's five daughters. These daughters need to reclaim their stolen powers and defeat the evil High King. Mira, one of the daughters, has been traveling with the group.

In the beginning of "Death Weavers," the group crosses the border of Zeropolis to Necronum, where two of the king's daughters are rumored to be. This kingdom, with its own magic and weapons, blurs the lines between the living and the dead. Necronum is the land of echoes, similar to ghosts, who are tricky in their interactions with humans.

This book is full of surprises, which Mull is an expert at delivering. Readers, including fans of Mull's other books, will likely be at the edge of their seats as exciting developments are introduced.

Mull's ability to weave a cohesive, compelling tale that draws the reader in from page one is top-notch. Though he is juggling the complex characteristics of five kingdoms with different cultures, people and nuances, he does it with ease and continues to produce quality literature that keeps readers engaged.

There is no swearing or sexual content in this book. However, it does contain minimal violence and killing that is described in age-appropriate ways.

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