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The Piano Guys' Steven Sharp Nelson takes Book of Mormon and LDS faith on the road

With over 4.6 million YouTube subscribers, The Piano Guys are a worldwide sensation. Cellist Steven Sharp Nelson, one of the group's members, believes the credit for their success can and should be given to God.

In an article published Thursday by Brigham Young University's Daily Universe, Nelson said he feels the purpose for the group's talents and success is “giving people an opportunity to connect with God and feel the Spirit.”

Although he plays a cello instead of donning a black name tag, Nelson explained how he and the other members of The Piano Guys prepare for missionary opportunities.

“The Piano Guys try to use their fame in a positive and authentic way to share the gospel with others, according to Nelson,” the Universe’s Madison McBride wrote. “He said the world is their mission field, and they don’t take that calling lightly. Nelson said the group prays to have the Spirit with them before every concert, recording, video shoot or even when deciding on a song to write. Nelson said he also gives a Book of Mormon to someone on almost every one of his tours.”

Nelson and the other members of The Piano Guys have seen the fruits of their preparation as they have watched several people become interested in the LDS Church after encountering their music.

Read the article on the Daily Universe.