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Picturing history: Karl Ricks Anderson, 'Mr. Kirtland'

Periodically, Picturing History highlights certain individuals who have made significant contributions to the understanding and preservation of historic sites associated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

One such person is Karl Ricks Anderson, known to many as “Mr. Kirtland.”

Originally, Anderson, a Utah native, left the state with a graduate degree from the University of Utah and went to work in Ohio (he worked in several other states for short periods). His LDS Church callings there include service as a stake president, regional representative, family history advisor and patriarch.

His time in Ohio led him to a love of the Prophet Joseph Smith and LDS Church history there. He learned of the incalculable contribution the Ohio period made to the church’s organization, doctrine and legacy of sacrifice.

Anderson has worked with historians and prophets, written several books, helped acquire properties and has done much to put Kirtland on the church history map. A visitor to his home might receive an answer to a question from an area map stacked neatly on the dining room table.

In all he has done, Anderson has always been blessed by the support of his sweet wife, Joyce. He has instructed thousands of visitors on site about Kirtland and thousands have expressed their appreciation for his knowledge, enthusiasm and famous laugh.