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Pleasant Grove's Payton Henry signs with Brewers instead of playing for BYU

Pleasant Grove coach Darrin Henry is going to have to find some other things to do to fill his time.

While practicing with his son Payton Henry earlier this week, something the two of them have done most every day since seventh grade, it dawned on both of them it wouldn't be the same moving forward. Payton, selected by the Milwaukee Brewers in the sixth round, was off to sign a contract and immediately begin play as a professional.

"I need to find some new hobbies, or something," Darrin said just a few hours before his son officially signed a contract with the Brewers on Wednesday. "It's been such a big thing for us — something we've always done. But for him to get to where he is now is something we've both dreamed of, and I couldn't be more happy for him."

Payton rested on his decision to sign with the Brewers shortly after being drafted, and after weighing his option to play for BYU. A big reason why he opted for the Brewers was how much the organization valued him as a prospect, according to Darrin.

"They've really been good to him, and the contract they offered shows that," Darrin said.

Payton's contract is reported to include a $550,000 signing bonus, close to a full $250,000 more than his designated draft slot was slotted for. The contract also includes four years full college tuition.

"I know that Payton is very happy with the way things have gone and is excited to begin this new chapter in his life," Darrin said.

That new chapter will begin almost immediately, as the organization flew Payton to its rookie league affiliate in Arizona the night after he signed the contract. He's expected to begin playing almost immediately, working to develop his tools as a prized catcher prospect in hopes of some day playing in the Major Leagues.

"It's really a dream come true for him and for all of us," Darrin said. "I'll miss working with him every day, but this is why we spent all those days practicing. I couldn't be more happy and proud."


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