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Throwback Thursday: Why we are taking the fun out of life

One year ago this week, mother and blogger Brooke Romney shared her thoughts on the culture of fun that children, including her children, learn at a young age. She analyzed why her children thought that the purpose of life is to have fun.

"I realized that we've been creating these fun-fed children," Romney wrote. "As they leave our car, we smile, wave and shout, 'Have fun!' After they return home from somewhere (school, practice, play date, church), the question is usually 'Did you have fun?' and if they didn't, there is often a decent amount of concern about what might be wrong and how we can remedy this un-fun problem."

While having fun and enjoying life can be beneficial for children, Romney points out there is more to life. She refers to fun as a drug that can never completely satisfy. A little bit of fun will lead to wanting "bigger, better, more expensive activities."

"Fun is a junk food diet that leaves you giddy for a moment, then hollow and wanting more," Romney wrote.

Worried that her bonds with her children were based solely on having fun, Romney started focusing on developing deeper relationships with her children through working together and learning together.

"I don't want a cotton candy relationship with my kids," she wrote. "I want something substantial and real."

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