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Most common names of NBA players this season

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The Cleveland Cavaliers' unprecedented comeback in this year's NBA Finals left some fans celebrating long into the night, and others sulking well into the morning. Even though the season has come to an end, bringing about free agency and the offseason, there is no reason to ignore the NBA until the next season starts up in the fall.

Using data from PointAfter, MooseRoots, a genealogy research site that's part of Graphiq, discovered the most common names for NBA players this season. Surprisingly, there were very few players who shared a name.

Since the list of NBA players is relatively small at only 453, the number of duplicate names was relatively low. Because of this, the list was ranked by a pure count of players with a given first name. Also included is the rank of the name in the U.S., the U.S. frequency (normalized out of 1 million) and the last names of the players who share a common first name.

Note: In the event of a tie, names were ranked alphabetically.

#10 Brandon

Number of NBA Players: 4

U.S. Rank: 82

U.S. Frequency: 2,508.8

Player Names: Rush, Jennings, Knight, Bass

Brandon is a name of Old English origin meaning, "broom" or "hill." The name Brandon was most popular in the 90s.