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4 ways you’re more likely to “win” than with the Powerball

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This story is sponsored by Mycash.Utah.gov. Learn more about Mycash.Utah.gov.

Sure, those jackpot numbers look big and impressive, but to win that Powerball, you’ve got a 1 in 292,201,338 chance. To put that in perspective, you are more likely to be struck by lightning 417 times this year.

If those odds don’t sound realistic to you, here are four foolproof (and not to mention, free) ways to win cash—with a lot better chances.

Promo Codes with Honey (4 in 5 chance, out of the 200+ sites supported)

If you love to shop online, you’re probably always looking for great deals and bargains. What if your browser did that for you?


If you’re a Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera user, consider downloading the desktop extension Honey. When this extension is on, it automatically scans your shopping sites for potential promo and coupon codes.

Whether you’re shopping for shoes, pizza delivery, flowers, household goods—you name it and Honey will let you know of any potential discounts upon checkout, as well as show the success rates of those codes among fellow users. Never has there been a better excuse to shop!

Unclaimed Property at MyCash.Utah.Gov (1 in 5 chance)

You know that feeling you get when you find a dollar in your pocket you forgot about? Okay, take that feeling and multiply it. Thanks to MyCash, you don’t have to dig far to find money you didn’t even realize was there.


As many as 1 in 5 of Utahns have unclaimed cash they’ve yet to collect: refunds, deposits, forgotten paychecks, old bank accounts, overpaid bills and more. All of this is held by the Utah State Treasurer’s Office waiting to be claimed.

The best part? All you have to do is visit MyCash.Utah.Gov and see just how much is sitting there for you. No catch. They’re just trying to return this money to the right hands, and last year, $22,530,509 found its way there. Millions more remain to be claimed… what if some of it was yours?

Cash Back with Checkout 51 (1 in 1 chance: you pick the coupons)

If you’re like most Americans, one of your biggest regular expenses is grocery shopping. And maybe coupon cutting isn’t really your style. With an app like Checkout 51, you can get cash back after you buy.


Here’s how it works: download the app and browse offers before you shop. These are updated each day. Save a few, then head to the grocery store. After you’re done checking out, keep your receipt and then upload it through the app by taking a photo. The receipt will get processed, and once you have a total of at least $20, you can cash out and have the check mailed to you!

Depending on the items picked, you could be earning cash back on every receipt! It’s that simple. And did we mention it’s free?

Live Reviews with UserTesting (honest money)

If you’re not up for a gamble, there are more than a few easy ways to earn money, and one is by being a test subject. But don’t worry, not that kind of test subject! UserTesting pays you to “test” sample websites and apps, recording your experiences during the trial.


A number of new websites and apps out there need to evaluate their user experience to improve the functionality of their site. UserTesting lets you take a dive at it. You navigate the site, interact given the suggested tasks and record your commentary during the experience. Your feedback is live, honest and candid, therefore valuable to the developers.

For each 20 minute video you create, you’ll be paid $10 via PayPal—we like those odds. For website tests, all you need is a PC or Mac, a microphone, and Internet connection. For mobile tests, you just need an Apple or Android phone or tablet device. You’re selected depending on the quality of your tests and your demographic. Give it a go!