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LDS.org post opens arms to ‘Pokemon Go’ players

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Since the release of "Pokemon Go," millions of people have downloaded the app and started to explore their communities in search of Pokemon. The app lists popular locations and landmarks as pokestops where players can collect digital game items. Several ​*of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints*​ buildings, including chapels and temples, are listed as Pokestops.

An lds.org post encourages members to treat the visitors with kindness. Although the post does not specifically mention the name Pokemon Go, it comes on the heels of the app's enormously popular rise.

"Regardless of the reason that brings visitors to church facilities, we need to remember that the way we react to visitors may affect their understanding and feelings about the church," the LDS.org article states.

Members are encouraged to reach out to visitors and be friendly and welcoming. The church hopes that members will invite visitors to learn more about the church and maybe share a message with the visitors.

If visitors happen to show up while a church activity is going on, members can invite the visitors to participate or to return for Sunday meetings. Finally, the post encourages members to practice answering questions that the visitors might have.