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Real Salt Lake player report card: RSL concedes late goal in loss to Inter Milan

SHARE Real Salt Lake player report card: RSL concedes late goal in loss to Inter Milan

Storied Italian side, Inter Milan came to Rio Tinto Stadium Tuesday night for a pretty spirited friendly that saw RSL score early off a Jordan Allen tap-in goal. Inter scored one late in the first half and looked as though they might leave Salt Lake with a draw until first-team star Stevan Jovetic nutmegged RSL's third team 'keeper Lalo Fernandez with a backheel to give Inter the win.

Here are the player grades. With so many substitutions for this friendly, time played is indicated for each player.

Jeff Attinella (GK), 7, 61 minutes - Played most of Goalkeeping minutes Tuesday and he was very good. Aside from a tying 43rd minute rocket from Inter's DAnilo D'Ambrosio that no keeper not standing right in front of the ball could stop, brough the score even, Attinella was able to keep the Inter attack honest.

Chris Wingert (DEF), 8, 61 minutes - was terrific going forward. His passing through the midfield was one of the reasons RSL had Inter on their heels early on. And his attack and shot in the first 15 minutes of the game set the tone early that RSL wasn't going to let Inter out of Rio Tinto with an easy win.

Justen Glad (DEF), 7, 30+ minutes - played with confidence Tuesday night. He was loose and seemed to be having the time of his life. That might have been thanks in part to his 18th minute assist to give RSL the early lead on a Jordan Allen tap in.

Jamison Olave (DEF), 8, 56 minutes - was a barrier Tuesday night as Inter attempted to play balls over the top and through the middle on counter attacks. Olave never missed. His placement off won balls did much to give RSL momentum as they mounted counterattacks of their own. Olave went off with an injury to make way for Chris Schuler in the 57th minute.

Tony Beltran (DEF), 8, 30 minutes - played well Tuesday. His strong runs forward were well matched by his defensive work, especially in the midfield.

John Stertzer (MID), 7, 45 minutes - played a solid 45 minutes. In fact, his first 30 minutes with Kyle Beckerman beside him were some of the cleanest we've seen from Stertzer this season.

Jordan Allen (MID), 8, 45 minutes - is dynamic to watch when he's having fun. The young midfielder started in place of an absent Javier Morales and seemed to pop up everywhere. His right-place-right-time attitude paid off in the 18th minute when standing in the mouth of the goal, all he had to do was stick out a toe as Justen Glad pinged a Plata corner kick into the box to give RSL the early goal.

Kyle Beckerman (MID), 8, 30 minutes - played with veteran aplomb and gave RSL the midfield presence they're used to. The presence they needed to show Inter RSL's quality.

Juan Manuel Martinez (FWD), 8, 30 minutes - was relaxed and energetic Tuesday night. He surely wanted to show the Italians that RSL could give as good as they were expected to get from former Serie A champs.

Yura Movsisyan (FWD), 8, 30 minutes - Rose to the level of his competition Tuesday night against Inter Milan. From the outset his runs were creative and dangerous, giving Joao Plata and Burrito Martinez plenty of opportunities to find him in dangerous places.

Joao Plata (FWD), 8, 30 minutes - showed that the spark is still there, Tuesday night. Playing only 30 minutes seemed to give the sparkplug striker the confidence to play all out for some dangerous offensive plays, including his second assist corner kick in the 18th minute to set up Jordan Allen for RSL's early goal.

Omar Holness (MID), 6, 60+ minutes - showed speed and athleticism going forward but showed his youth on defense with a few poor moments of tracking and positioning.

Danilla Acosta (MID), 6, 60+ minutes - is a home-grown player, playing on his hometown turf in Sandy, Utah Tuesday night. RSL staff speak very highly of the young attacking midfielder and it was clear to see why Tuesday as he did well to keep RSL's attack fluid much of the second half. An occassional errant pass showed Acosta still has some work to do.

Phanuel Kavita (DEF), 6, 60+ minutes - showed quite well in place of Justen Glad. Kavita clearly has the speed and athleticism of a pro center back. Tuesday he showed some nice glimpses that should have Jeff Cassar thinking of him for first team duty. His only gaffe came in the late first half when his marking fell apart on the corner kick that netted Inter their tying goal.

Boyd Okwuonu (DEF), 7, 60+ minutes - used his speed and skill to fill in nicely for Tony Beltran at right back. His speed and passing were valuable even if it did take him out of position occassionally.

Olmes Garcia (FWD), 6, 60+ minutes - showed flashes of greatness Tuesday. He had a couple of runs that were flat out brilliant. But unfortunately his over exhuberence and lack of finishing quality continue to plague the young striker.

Ricardo Velasco (FWD), 7, 45 minutes - showed RSL coach Jeff Cassar some great movement off the ball and a handful of nice runs on the ball inside the box to perhaps up his first-team aspirations.

Andrew Brody (MID), 6, 45+ minutes - showed quite well Tuesday night for RSL. his positioning and passing through the midfield helped build up a few quality attacks.

Chris Schuler (DEF), 6, 35+ minutes - entered his first team game for the Claret and Cobalt Tuesday night against Inter to a rousing ovation. Schuler's frame is visibly more solid and he was a strong presence in the backfield. He was solid the whole game, especially holding off Inter's usual first-team striker, Stevan Jovetic through the entire second half. He even did everything right to back up Fernandez on Jovetic's 92nd minute goal, Jovetic just put it a hair's bredth out of Schuler's reach to keep it out of goal.

Lalo Fernandez (GK), 5, 31 minutes - has been RSL's number 3 keeper since he was in his teens. Tuesday was his first game with the First Team at Rio Tinto this year. He played with confidence, but was aided by some unlucky bounces that went Inter's way and a few well placed goal posts in keeping RSL level with Inter through the final 30 minutes of the game. Unfortunately it was Inter's 92nd minute heel-meg that undid Fernandez and left RSL without a draw to hang their hats on.

Demar Phillips (DEF), 8, 31 minutes - is playing some of his best soccer of late for RSL. He was exceptional against Inter's second and third team players late in the game, keeping the RSL right flank well protected.

Luke Mulholland (MID), 8, 31 minutes - seemed a giant amongst boys in his 30 minutes of second half play against Inter's tired second and third team players. His passing, positioning into space and movement forward nearly netted RSL a goal or two.

Kevaughn Frater (MID), 7, 25 minutes - was unexpected, Tuesday night. The usual Monarch's midfielder showed real maturity defensively as well as going forward.

Chris Higbee is a regular contributor to DeseretNews.com.