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Utah Symphony to perform soundtrack to 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' during movie screening

It’s a unique movie night with the Utah Symphony.

The Utah Symphony will perform the music to “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” as the movie plays on a 40-foot screen in Abravanel Hall on Dec. 23 and 24 as part of the Harry Potter Film Concert Series, officials announced Friday.

“The books have been read by people of all generations and the movies have appealed to those of all generations, as well,” said Paul Meecham, Utah Symphony CEO, who has read several of the books in the series. His 11-year-old daughter has read the series multiple times.

With the popularity of Harry Potter, Meecham said they are hoping to expand the symphony’s audience to those of all ages.

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” is the first of eight Harry Potter movies and symphony officials are planning to perform several of the other movies with orchestra accompaniment during the next seasons, Meecham said. John Williams composed the music for the first three Harry Potter films.

The Harry Potter Film Concert Series is a partnership between CineConcerts and Warner Bros. Consumer Products as the first Harry Potter movie is performed with live orchestras throughout the United States and in Europe.

The Utah Symphony performed the soundtrack to “Home Alone” last December and previously did “The Wizard of Oz.” This summer, the symphony performed the songs to several scenes from DreamWorks movies at a concert in Deer Valley.

“It’s the synchronization that’s key,” Meecham said. The conductor will have a monitor with cues to help with timing, especially on crucial scenes.

“The movies that I’ve seen where it’s been done, they get it down to the micro-second and it’s impressive,” he said.

Tickets start at $27 and are available at and 801-355-2787. See for information.

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