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Utah victims of homicide in 2016

In 2016, the Deseret News tracked 90 homicides that occurred in Utah, including nine homicides at the hands of police officers, a significant jump from 73 homicides in 2015 and 79 in 2014.

The above map illustrates the locations and summaries of homicides in Utah in 2016. The red markers represent shooting deaths, blue markers represent stabbing deaths and yellow markers represent death by assault or other means. Green markers represent officer-involved fatalities.

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Following is a look at the circumstances surrounding each of the homicide victims killed in Utah during 2016.

1, 2. HOLLADAY, Jan. 17 — Unified police officer Doug Barney, 45, was shot and killed near 4200 S. Lynne Lane by Cory Lee Henderson, 31, while responding to a car crash that Henderson had just fled from. Henderson was shot multiple times as he exchanged fire with three officers pursuing him: Unified Police Sgt. Ben Steiner, officer Matt Brownlee and officer Jon Richey. Henderson also wounded Richey in the shootout. Motive: Unknown; Justified defense Method: Shooting

3. SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 26 — Shellise Geter, 39, was found dead in her home, 557 N. Sir Anthony Circle. Her wrists were bound, a ligature was around her neck, and a plastic bag and clothing piled on her head. Police aren't saying how she died. Mustafa Aldoma, 26, was arrested in Fillmore while driving her truck with $26,000 in cash. Police say Geter had been "showing off large amounts of money" prior to her death. Aldoma is charged with murder. A competency hearing is set for March. Alleged motive: Robbery Method: Unknown, possible strangulation

4. CENTERVILLE, Feb. 2 — Jazmyn Jeppson, 21, was killed when her car was broadsided on Parrish Lane by a man trying to flee police. Jeppson had been home from an LDS mission less than two months and was on her way to a new job. Anthony Santos Cruz, 28, pleaded guilty to murder. A woman he was with, Michelle Vigil, was convicted of two counts of robbery. Motive: Fleeing police Method: Car crash

5. RIVERDALE, Feb. 8 — Jenna Manuel, 30, was shot during a domestic dispute when boyfriend Scott Sandlin, 42, shot her multiple times when she came at him with a knife. The shooting was later ruled self-defense, but Sandlin was charged with four counts of possession of a weapon by a dangerous person after police searched the house. Motive: Domestic, self-defense Method: Shooting

6. MAGNA, Feb. 11 — Chandler Cooper, 22, of Millcreek, was found dead near an intersection of North Temple Frontage Road and 11500 West near Saltair. Police believe he died at the site and the death may be connected to a drug lifestyle. Police are still investigating Chandler's death as a homicide but have no new leads. Motive: Unknown Method: Unknown, possible shooting

7. SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 14 — The body of Hyo Sin, 96, was found in deplorable conditions in a room at Overniter Motel, 1500 W. North Temple. She weighed just 76 pounds. Jae Ju Jun, 68, and Lib Bun Jun, 64, were charged with manslaughter and aggravated abuse of a vulnerable adult. Jae Jun is Sin's son. A medical examiner determined Sin's cause of death to be "chronic neglect," bed sores, dehydration and inanition. Alleged motive: Neglect Method: Dehydration

8, 9, 10. SOUTH SALT LAKE, Feb. 18 — Brothers Angel Lopez-Salinas, 20, and Lauro "Raul" Lopez-Salinas, 19, and friend Armando Cuenca-Curiel, 17, were shot while inside an SUV found at 325 E. Park Creek Lane. Gerald Radckiff Grant, 20, was also in the car allegedly to buy marijuana. Grant, who was also shot in the leg during the confrontation, is charged with three counts of aggravated murder. Prosecutors say Grant had planned on robbing the three others during the drug deal. Grant claims the shooting was in self-defense. Alleged motive: Robbery Method: Shooting

11. OGDEN, Feb. 19 — Justin Patrick Moses, 35, of Ogden, was shot by Ogden police officer Steven Whitby as Moses was repeatedly stabbing a woman in front of a home at 437 N. 630 East. A woman who lived with Moses at the home was critically injured but survived. Prosecutors found Whitby legally justified in the shooting. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

12. SNOWVILLE, Feb. 20 — James Shurtz, 27, died after he was accidentally shot by his father, Glenn Shurtz, while the two were target shooting in a remote area of Box Elder County. James Shurtz was acting as a spotter when he somehow got into the line of fire and was struck by a single round from a .30-caliber rifle. Motive: Accidental Method: Shooting

13. ALTAMONT, Duchesne County, Feb. 23 — Rocky Mecham, 61, of Mountain Home, Duchesne County, was shot and killed while a group of men were target practicing at a private shooting range. Two men were practicing long-range shooting while Mecham set up targets. A "communications error" led to Greg Timothy, 64, of Altamont, shooting Mecham, police said. Motive: Accidental Method: Shooting

14. WEST VALLEY CITY, Feb. 25 — Hope Gabaldon, 21, died after being stabbed multiple times and dumped along the side of the road on 4000 West near 3150 South. Sergio Briseno Medina, 26, is charged with murder. Medina told police he and Gabaldon had sold drugs together, but he "wanted to keep her away from that lifestyle." Medina's girlfriend, April Calderon, testified that Medina and his friends believed Gabaldon had been talking to police and was "undercover." Alleged motive: Drugs Method: Stabbing

15. PARK CITY, Feb. 26 — Park City bartender Jose Fernandez, 37, died four days after police say he was shot in the head in his home at 1530 Empire Ave. by James Enoch Henfling, 28, of Midvale, following a fight. Police say the shooting was witnessed by Henfling's girlfriend and sister. Henfling is charged with aggravated murder. Friends say Fernandez and his wife had found out they were about to be parents for the first time just days before. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

16. LOGAN, March 11 — A letter describing "tragedy" sent to the Herald Journal led police to the bodies of Mary Flyn Palley, 73, and Dell Andrew Johnson, 82, who died in a murder-suicide. Investigators believe Johnson shot and killed his wife and then killed himself in their home, 1616 Sunset Drive. The letter identified 20 community figures that Johnson held responsible for the impending tragedy. A copy of a typed letter was also sent to The New York Times along with a $1,000 check to investigate the LDS Church. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

17. SOUTH SALT LAKE, March 12 — David Antonio Trujillo, 68, was shot and killed by a homeowner, 37, at 3730 S. 200 East when he was found in the backyard armed with a knife. As late as June of 2015, court records listed the address of the home as Trujillo's residence. Police said Trujillo is from the area and most recently was believed to be staying at various motels. The homeowner called 911 after the shooting. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting

18. DRAPER, March 14 — Jeffrey Ray Vigil, 24, died after police say he was attacked by two other inmates in the Utah State Prison. Ramon Luis Rivera, 31, is charged with aggravated murder, and Albert Collin Fernandez, 38, is charged with murder. Charges say Rivera stabbed Vigil "several times," put him in a chokehold until he lost consciousness, and then stomped on or kicked his head more than 70 times. Fernandez also allegedly punched and kicked Vigil in the head. Vigil belonged to a rival gang of the other two men. Alleged motive: Gangs Method: Stabbing, beating

19. SALT LAKE CITY, April 7 — Jose Javier Fernandez, 18, died after police say three men sought him out over jealousy about a girlfriend, shooting him seven times in a bedroom at 211 N. Cornell St. William Armstrong P-Graham, 21, was convicted of murder. James Wellah Williams, 21, and Gaethan "Synn" Laguerre, 26, pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Williams said P-Graham had issues with Fernandez "because Fernandez allegedly slept with P-Graham's girlfriend," according to police. Motive: Jealousy Method: Shooting

20. BEAVER, April 9 — Deputies responding to a home southeast of Beaver found Desiree Shotwell, 37, shot in the head, and her boyfriend, Ronald Corey Fordham, 43, lying next to her with a gun nearby. Police described Fordham as being "extremely intoxicated" and said the death was an attempted murder-suicide. Fordham pleaded guilty to murder. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

21. MILLCREEK, April 27 — David Shane Anderson, 36, of West Jordan, died following a shootout with police after the fugitive ambushed officers. Police K-9 Aldo, a 7-year-old Belgian Malinois, was killed. Anderson was suspected of ramming a police car and nearly hitting four people in a crosswalk while trying to flee from police days earlier. As police searched the home, 4303 S. 730 East, Anderson began shooting through a closed door, striking Aldo. Sgt. Chad Reyes, detective Kresdon Bennett and detective Nate Clark of Unified police returned fire, hitting Anderson in the head. The officers' actions were determined to be legally justified. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting

22. SMITHFIELD, April 28 — Shane Alan Hallstrom, 26, stabbed his father, Calvin Hallstrom, 58, to death in the driveway of his mother's home, 380 E. 160 South, after inviting the older man over to reconcile their strained relationship. Shane Hallstrom went to embrace his father, then jumped on his back and began stabbing him. He pleaded guilty but mentally ill to murder. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Stabbing

23. SPANISH FORK, April 30 — Mark Daniel Bess, 33, died after he was shot when he charged at a Utah County sheriff's deputy. Police say Bess was about 45 to 50 feet away from deputy Sean Peterson and was wielding a knife when Peterson fired at least two shots, hitting Bess in the head and body. The deputy had been pursuing Bess, who had several outstanding drug- and traffic-related warrants. He was shot behind a barn near 4934 S. 3200 West. The shooting was determined to be legally justified. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting

24. MILLCREEK, May 1 — Police say Codey Levi Jolley, 28, is responsible for the death of his 17-month-old stepson, Ethan Antes, though he initially claimed he found the boy unresponsive in a bathtub at his apartment, 362 E. 4115 South. Doctors say the child died of injuries from ongoing abuse. Jolley pleaded guilty to child abuse homicide. Jolley said his attempts to resuscitate the boy included "inserting his finger in the child's mouth and compressing his chest so severely as to completely impair the child's ability to breathe." Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Abuse

25. OGDEN, May 6 — Miguel Angel Rios, 29, was shot multiple times at 562 E. 31st Street in what police say was a gang-related killing. Devin Smith and Jeremy Moncada, both 19, were charged with murder. Smith told police he exchanged words and gang signs with Rios and that Rios "flexed on him." Moncada told police Smith then pulled out a gun and shot Rios multiple times before the two fled together. Moncada pleaded guilty to firearm and obstruction charges. Smith's case is ongoing. Alleged motive: Gangs Method: Shooting

26. PLEASANT GROVE, May 17 — Ashleigh Holloway Best, 35, hit a tree after being forced off the road at 682 N. 100 East by a man who was chasing her trying to repossess her car. Kenneth Drew, 50, of American Fork, an employee of On Demand Repos, pleaded guilty in November to manslaughter. Motive: Car repossession Method: Car crash

27. HOLLADAY, May 21 — Darrin Jackson, 46, was shot when a group of seven to nine people forced their way into his apartment at 1794 Hidden Meadows Drive. His son, Jonathan Jackson, 26, was also shot in the arm. Damian Garcia, 19, Joshua Nguyen, 22, and Keison Kuykendall, 19, are charged with murder and aggravated burglary. The shooting occurred two days before Garcia was to go to court on two other shooting incidents. Alleged motive: Gangs Method: Shooting

28. SALT LAKE CITY, May 22 — Prominent Salt Lake restaurateur John Williams, 72, died after police say his estranged husband trapped him by setting fire to his home, 574 N. East Capitol St. Williams, who had filed for divorce from Craig Crawford, 48, on May 4, became trapped in a bedroom and died of smoke inhalation. Crawford is charged with aggravated murder and aggravated arson. Alleged motive: Unknown domestic Method: Arson

29. HUNTSVILLE, May 22 — Deborah Biccum, 60, was found dead in a townhouse at 6486 E. state Route 39, near Pineview Reservoir. Police said they responded to the home after receiving reports that her husband, Michael Biccum, 60, had possibly "hurt or killed his wife." Deborah Biccum had "obvious signs of trauma" to her body, but an autopsy was inconclusive about what killed her. Biccum was arrested but later released. No charges have been filed in the case, which police say is still open and under investigation. Motive: Unknown, possibly domestic Method: Unknown

30. WEST VALLEY CITY, May 23 — Police say Justin VanCleave, 19, stabbed Amanda Garcia, 33, multiple times and then attempted to hide her body in a backyard shed at the home where they both lived, 2960 Mountain Goat Way. Police found "bloody drag marks" leading to the shed, a bag containing bloody towels, clothing and a knife. VanCleave is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Unknown domestic Method: Stabbing

31. COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, May 27 — Mauricio Martinez, 31, was found shot in an abandoned car at Mountain America Credit Union, 6440 S. 3000 East. Police called his death the result of a "robbery gone bad." Four men are charged with murder and aggravated robbery: Jorge Arturo Castanon-Serrano, 35, Marco Antonio Garcia, 26, Lucas Troy Neilson, 37, and Alfredo Lolani, 26. Charges say Garcia and Castanon-Serrano had arranged a meeting with Martinez and another man where they intended to take Martinez's money. Alleged motive: Robbery Method: Shooting

32. WEST VALLEY CITY, May 28 — Maluolefale Toala, 30, was shot in the chest in an alleged road-rage incident. Police said Toala was riding his longboard when he got into a confrontation with two men in a pickup truck. When the truck stopped for a red light at 3500 S. 5600 West and Toala caught up, police say the confrontation continued and Aaron Pierce, 24, got out of the truck and shot Toala. Pierce is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Road rage Method: Shooting

33. MAGNA, May 31 — Natalia Casagrande, 24, was found dead in her home, 7715 W. Jefferson Road. Police say Jason Alan Black, 27, who had been at the house before to purchase marijuana, showed up unscheduled, shot Casagrande and then tried to kill her 5-year-old daughter by suffocating her with a pillow. Casagrande's husband said his own gun was used to kill his wife. Two handguns, money and drugs were missing when he arrived home. Black was shot by police serving a warrant in the case on June 2 and survived. Black is charged with aggravated murder. Alleged motive: Robbery Method: Shooting

34. MONROE, Sevier County, June 7 — Siri Alexis Anderson was one day away from her first birthday when police say she died of dehydration after weeks of neglect by her father and sole caretaker, David Lewis Anderson, 37. Court documents describe Anderson's home, 1080 N. Meadow Lark Lane, as unsanitary and neglected. Anderson is charged with child abuse homicide. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Neglect

35. PROVO, June 8 — Marco Carmona, 57, was found in a freezer in his mobile home, 1943 W. 450 North No. 86, after police say his son, Omar Carmona, 27, strangled him, broke his back and froze his remains. Charges say the two were arguing when Carmona attacked his father. Carmona is charged with murder and abuse or desecration of a dead human body. Alleged motive: Unknown domestic Method: Strangulation

36. EAGLE MOUNTAIN, June 12 — Daniel Bennett Edwards, 23, was shot and killed by Utah County sheriff's deputy Brett Lawrenson at Edwards' home, 2198 E. Summit Way. Edwards was holding his wife's 17-year-old niece at knifepoint and threatening he would kill her once he counted down from 60 seconds. The girl had been living in the home with Edwards and his wife. Lawrenson fired once, striking Edwards in the head. The shooting was determined to be legally justified. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

37, 38. ROY, June 29 — Maddison Haan, 20, of West Point, and Tyler Christianson, 19, of Ogden, were killed when the car they were in was hit from behind by a Chevy Tahoe going an estimated 100 mph near the intersection of 3500 West and 6000 South. Marilee Patricia Gardner, 16, is charged as an adult with two counts of murder. Prosecutors say she was trying to commit suicide and purposely rammed into the back of the unsuspecting vehicle. Alleged motive: Suicide Method: Car crash

39. SALT LAKE CITY, July 5 — Paris Gustin, 16, was shot and killed while sitting in the front passenger seat of a car with two other teens. The group was driving around and "egging" other vehicles near 600 North and 1100 West when someone in a white Nissan Sentra with fog lights, a small rear spoiler, and tinted back passenger and rear windows fired several shots at them, hitting and killing Paris. No arrests have been made in the case. Motive: Possible road rage Method: Shooting

40, 41. MIDVALE, July 6 — Jose Izazaga, 16, and his sister, Abril Izazaga, 15, were shot and killed at 759 W. 7720 South allegedly over a T-shirt. Mario Cervantes-Angel, 29, of West Valley City, is charged with two counts of aggravated murder. The siblings clung to each other as Cervantes-Angel fired multiple rounds at them, according to charges. After the two fell to the ground, Cervantes-Angel allegedly went up to Jose, placed the gun directly on his head and pulled the trigger again. The original argument allegedly started because an 18-year-old man, who Jose used to live with, claimed Jose had some of his property, including a T-shirt. Alleged motive: Dispute Method: Shooting

42. KEARNS, July 10 — Marvin Lopez, 24, of West Valley City, was killed in a drive-by shooting near 5586 S. 4220 West. A silver car was seen fleeing the scene. Those who took Lopez to the hospital were not cooperative. No arrests have been made in the case. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

43. MAGNA, July 13 — David Perea, 38, was stabbed multiple times inside his home, 2651 S. Twain Drive. While that investigation was happening, police were called to 3739 S. Armoridge Drive where Jared Ryan Groves, 35, was allegedly trying to stab his friend. When officers cornered Groves in the backyard, he stabbed himself in the neck, hitting a main artery, and refused to drop his knife despite being hit with a Taser twice. Groves died from his injuries. Detectives determined that Groves, who was a neighbor of Perea, was also responsible for his death. Friends say Groves had lost his job and was frequently intoxicated and had suicidal thoughts. Motive: Unknown Method: Stabbing

44. ORANGEVILLE, July 17 — Kristi Price Maxwell, 47, was found dead in her home, 435 Canyon View. At the same time, police found her husband, Richard Maxwell, 55, injured with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Her cause of death was listed as "undetermined," but an autopsy said other evidence was "strongly suggestive that a homicidal act had taken place." A couple of days after being released from the hospital, Richard Maxwell shot and killed himself. Alleged motive: Unknown domestic Method: Unknown, possible asphyxiation

45. WEST JORDAN, July 20 — Steven Conlon, 29, who had just moved to Utah from Colorado, was found dead in a yard at 6213 S. Cosmo Drive amid trees and shrubs. He was shot at least twice. He was last seen July 16 near 5400 South and 3900 West. No arrests have been made in the case. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

46. TOOELE, July 22 — Marcella Viola Aragon, 66, was killed inside her home, 245 E. 600 North. Her son, Jesus "Jesse" Eldon Aragon, 44, of Tooele, is charged with murder. Charges say there were "obvious signs" she was "the victim of an assault," but police didn't say how she died. She filed for a protective order against her son in 2014. That same year, Jesse Aragon broke into his mother's home and was charged with vandalism and burglary and was determined to be not competent to stand trial. For the murder case, a competency review is set for February. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Unknown

47. CEDAR CITY, July 24 — Justin Bruce Hanna, 24, of Cedar City, was shot and killed at 515 N. 400 West. Mark Mair, 27, is charged with aggravated murder. Police say Mair had broken up with a woman who lived in the apartment just a few days earlier. Mair threw a fan through the bedroom window, leaned inside and opened fire on Hanna and the woman who were both in bed. Hanna was shot three times. The ex-girlfriend was not injured. Elcha Hatch, 19, was later arrested in Grand Junction, Colorado, and charged with obstruction of justice. Alleged motive: Jealousy Method: Shooting

48. MIDVALE, July 25 — Michael Anderson, 52, of Bluffdale, was shot and killed during a confrontation with someone he had an ongoing dispute with at 7940 S. State. Police say Anderson went to a garage area behind a strip mall where people typically work on vehicles and climbed over a fence to enter. Anderson, who was armed, confronted the other man and a fight ensued. At some point, the other man felt threatened, police say, and shot Anderson. Prosecutors say the shooting is still under investigation. Motive: Possible self-defense Method: Shooting

49. SALT LAKE CITY, July 27 — Xavier Lucero-Waters, 8, was shot and killed by his father, Moses Waters, 46, who then took his own life at their apartment at 561 N. Center. Police say the boy was shot with an "improvised firearm." Friends and family members say Moses Waters had long been diagnosed with a severe mental illness and had battled addiction problems. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

50. TOOELE, July 31 — Christopher Warr, 28, died following an asthma attack that Tooele police say he suffered as a result of an altercation with his roommate. Monty Shane Degelbeck, 53, was charged with manslaughter and accused of getting into a fight with Warr over "a mess in the house." Prosecutors dismissed the case in October, two weeks after a judge ruled in Degelbeck's favor ordering Warr's medical history be released. The case was dismissed without prejudice, meaning prosecutors retain the option to file charges again. Alleged motive: Domestic dispute Method: Medical episode following fight

51. CLEARFIELD, Aug. 3 — Benjamin Heaton, 31, was shot and killed by police after climbing onto the roof of a detached garage, 456 N. Fern Drive, and firing several rounds at officers. Prior to the shooting, police had attempted to negotiate a peaceful resolution during a standoff with Heaton. Davis County sheriff's deputy Brooklyn Webb, Layton police officer Eric Smith and Clinton police officer Tyler Cunningham all returned fire, killing Heaton. The shooting was determined to be legally justified. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

52. PROVO, Aug. 4 — Brylee McClellan, a 4-month old, died when the car she was in went off the road at 820 N. Oakmont Lane in Provo and rolled onto its side. Brylee was in the back seat on her mother's lap at the time, according to police. Susanne McClellan, 38, is charged with negligent homicide and obstructing justice. Driver Chelsea Fuller, 30, is charged with automobile homicide, DUI and failure to use a child restraint device. Both women were allegedly drinking before the crash. Alleged motive: Negligence Method: Car crash

53. SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 9 — Timothy Houlihan, 39, died after being hit in the head several times with a baseball bat at 520 S. 500 East. Andrew Berry, 22, of Murray, is charged with murder. The two were friends. Berry told police that Houlihan was making unwanted sexual advances and became angry when Berry rejected him. Berry, who called 911 after the attack, said he took the bat from Houlihan and then hit him. Police are not commenting on a motive. Berry is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown Method: Beating

54. UTAH STATE PRISON, Aug. 10 — James C. Corbett, 33, an inmate at the Utah State Prison scheduled to be released in less than a month, was found unresponsive, beaten and stabbed, in his cell. His cellmate, Timothy Patrick Maez, 38, is charged with aggravated murder. Motive: Unknown. Method: Beating, stabbing

55. GUSHER, Uintah-Ouray Indian Reservation, Aug. 13 — The FBI and Bureau of Indian Affairs police are investigating the death of LeRoy Swift Eagle Murray, 28. Trent Sowsonicut, 27, is charged in Ute Tribal Court with murder and obstruction of justice. No other details have been released. Motive: Unknown. Method: Unknown

56. GUNNISON, Aug. 25 — Carlos-Adrian Javier Hernandez, 24, was found unconscious on the floor of his cell at the Central Utah Correctional Facility and later died. Hernandez's cellmate, Julio Cesar Garza, 26, is considered a suspect, but no charges have been filed. The death remains under investigation by the Gunnison Police Department. Hernandez was 14 in 2007 when he raped and killed 15-year-old Keely Amber Hall. Motive: Unknown. Method: Unknown

57. SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 28 — Jesse Ray Rakes, 30, was shot near 550 W. 300 South in a "drug deal gone bad" after police say he and two other men got into a confrontation with Daniel Christopher Simon, 26. Police said Rakes and two other men tried to rob Simon and his girlfriend, leading Simon to shoot Rakes, who later died. Simon was charged with being a restricted person in possession of a firearm but was not charged in the shooting death. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting

58. INDIANOLA, Sanpete County, Aug. 29 — The charred remains of Wesley Dee Nay, 22, were found in a shallow grave on Oct. 19. He was last seen Aug. 29 with Raul Francisco Vidrio, 19, who is charged with aggravated murder in Nay’s death. Police suspect Vidrio, “a known drug dealer,” forced Nay to dig his own grave before killing him. Motive: Unknown Method: Beating, stabbing

59. MIDVALE, Sept. 3 — Deondre Baldwin, 21, was shot and killed at 189 W. Plum Tree Lane. Brenner Larson, 20, was also shot, severing his spinal cord and leaving him permanently paralyzed. Jonathan William Rodgers, 29, is charged with aggravated murder, and Chris James Bailey, 36, is charged with murder. Police believe the men were likely looking for drugs when Rodgers got Baldwin and a woman out of bed at gunpoint while Bailey held Larson in a headlock and threatened to burn him with a butane torch. Rodgers then allegedly shot both men. Alleged motive: Drugs Method: Shooting

60. TOOELE, Sept. 4 — Police say Jason Nakonechni, 38, was lured to a motel, brutally attacked, tortured and later shot at a rock pit in Tooele County. His body was found Nov. 21. Michael Shane Snyder, 40, is charged with aggravated murder and accused of shooting Nakonechni. Corey Lee Petersen, 53, Rodney Neil Maxwell, 36, Marilee Joan Borden, 43, and Allison Wells, 37, are each charged with murder. Police say Petersen and the victim had a “falling out” over drugs and money and say the victim had “snitched.” Alleged motive: Revenge, robbery Method: Shooting, beating

61. COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Sept. 11 — Rustin Orr, 54, died from a fatal mix of prescription medications and alcohol allegedly given to him by his licensed home care physician, who is also his wife, at 7637 S. Prospector Drive, an autopsy states. Dr. Ina Judith Amber, 64, is charged with manslaughter and aggravated abuse of a vulnerable adult. Amber claims she had been trying to "taper" her husband's alcoholism. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Drugs

62. SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 17 — Eric Padilla, 18, was shot in the head during a home invasion robbery. Police say he was visiting a friend and playing video games at 221 N. Sun Harbor Terrace at the time. Landon Kavani Johnson, 20, is charged with murder, aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary. Johnson allegedly told police he had purchased marijuana at the apartment before. Alleged motive: Robbery Method: Shooting

63. LOGAN, Sept. 19 — Jeremy Ray Swenson, 30, of Hyrum was shot by a Cache County sheriff's deputy after he allegedly disobeyed the commands of the deputy. Police were called to the Right Hand Fork area of Logan Canyon on a suicidal person and discovered Swenson with weapons making threats toward his estranged wife. He was hit once by the deputy after allegedly making a threatening motion. In March, a protective order was filed against Swenson by his wife, followed by a petition for divorce. The shooting was determined to be legally justified. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

64. BUTTERFIELD CANYON, Oct. 1 — The body of Alejandro Reyes, 26, of West Jordan, was found Oct. 5 by a hiker in Butterfield Canyon and was wrapped in heavy plastic. He was reported missing Oct. 1. Reyes died from blunt force trauma. No arrests have been made. Motive: Unknown Method: Beating

65. HOLLADAY, Oct. 6 — Bryan Wright, 53, was found by police with a noose tied around his neck on Oct. 1. He died from his injuries five days later. His son, Shane Paul Wright, 24, told police: "It's gruesome. I helped my dad kill himself," a police report states. The son told detectives that "he needed to aid with his dad's death in order to help his dad through all his pain," according to the report. Shane Wright is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Strangulation

66. ROY, Oct. 12 — Police are investigating the death of Genesis McCall, 20 months old, as a child abuse homicide. Emergency personnel were called to her home at 4995 S. 3100 West when the child stopped breathing. Investigators collected DNA samples from the girl’s mother, 24, the mother’s boyfriend, 22 and the woman’s foster father, 58. No charges have been filed. The boyfriend told police the girl had fallen the night before. Doctors say she had bite marks and bruising “that appears to be a result of strangulation,” a warrant states. Motive: Unknown domestic. Method: Unknown

67. SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 21 — Cristhian Marquez, 33, of Salt Lake City, was at a car wash, 1075 S. Redwood Road, washing a new car he had recently purchased when he was shot. The gunman then drove away in the vehicle. Police believe the attack was random and that Marquez had no prior association with the gunman, whom police are still looking for. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

68. DUCHESNE, Oct. 28 — Police say James Main Jr., 34, stole a gun from his father's home, then returned the next day and killed him. Police discovered the body of James Main Sr., 56, as they received reports that James Main Jr had abducted two people from nearby Roosevelt and shots had been fired near his father's home, 27049 W. U.S. 40. James Main Jr. then fled to Colorado, police said, where he was arrested after being accused in a handful of crimes. An aggravated murder charge was added Dec. 20 previously filed kidnapping and firearm offenses. Alleged Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

69. WEST JORDAN, Nov. 2 — Jesse Jay Taylor, 40, of Spanish Fork, was shot and killed by West Jordan police officer Keith Jenkins while fleeing from officers shortly after robbing a credit union. Jenkins confronted Taylor near 8880 South and 1070 West as he ran around a corner. Jenkins and other officers reported they could see a gun in Taylor's hand, and that Taylor ignored repeated commands to stop and drop the weapon as he ran toward police. Jenkins fired three shots, one of which struck Taylor in the chest. The shooting was found legally justified. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

70. WEST VALLEY CITY, Nov. 6 — West Valley police officer Cody Brotherson, 25, of West Valley City, was hit while trying to lay tire spikes at the intersection of 4100 South and 2200 West to help other officers stop a fleeing stolen vehicle. Two brothers, ages 14 and 15, and a 15-year-old friend have each been charged in juvenile court with murder, car theft and other crimes. An officer observed the stolen car "swerve toward" Brotherson and hit him. Investigators say the teens have provided various stories about who was driving. Alleged motive: Fleeing police Method: Car crash

71, 72. HIAWATHA, Carbon County, Nov. 20 — A mother of 15 children, Susan Peterson, 45, and one of her sons, James Peterson, 23, were shot and killed in a field near a farmhouse. Seth Gordon Peterson, 25, of Ferron — Susan's son and James' brother — is charged with two counts of aggravated murder. The two had gone to the area outside Hiawatha to pick up Seth Peterson when they were killed, police say. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

73. WEST VALLEY CITY, Nov. 20 — Byron Williams, 26, was shot in the back while trying to run away from a man who police say he was once friends with at 1800 W. Parkway Blvd. Christopher James Bonds, 26, of West Valley City, is charged with murder. A group had gone to Bonds' apartment after a night at the bar. Bonds was upset and allegedly began arguing with Williams. The two were struggling over Bonds' guns when Bonds picked one up and fired three times at Williams as he ran. Alleged motive: Argument Method: Shooting

74. PROVO, Nov. 21 — Ammon Brown, 24, died after his throat was sliced to the point that he was almost decapitated about 1640 S. State in a wooded transient camp near a set of railroad tracks. Enmanuel Depaz, 18, is charged with murder. A 16-year-old boy who had been with Brown and Depaz earlier that day told police that Depaz was complaining about Brown "not wanting to be part of their 'gang' any longer," charges state. Alleged motive: Argument Method: Slashing, beating

75. SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 26 — Kenonren Goodman, 33, was shot inside an apartment at 1329 N. Redwood Road. Leroy Daniel Valdez, 34, arrived home and discovered that he was locked out. Charges say Valdez's roommate "had been having people over" and he didn't like them there. Valdez forced the door open and during a struggle with Goodman, a gun fired and Goodman was shot in the head. Valdez is charged with manslaughter. Alleged motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

76, 77. AMERICAN FORK, Dec. 4 — SueAnn Sands, 39, of American Fork, was shot while she was inside her car and dialing 911 to report someone was shooting at her. Police say a former boyfriend, James Dean Smith, 33, of Orem, killed her. He was then killed in a shootout with three police officers following a short chase. A team is investigating the incident. Sands had obtained a protective order against Smith less than a month before the shooting. Motive: Unknown domestic; officer defense Method: Shooting

78. OGDEN, Dec. 4 Scott Kaszuba, 57, died five days after police say he was brutally assaulted in an Ogden park. Jason Michael Gomez, 42, faces assault charges for the attack which could be amended following results of an autopsy, police said. Court documents say the two men, who knew each other and were both heavily intoxicated, had been arguing. Witnesses told police Gomez stomped repeatedly on Kaszuba's head while he was lying "helplessly on the ground." Police were still investigating what prompted the dispute. Motive: Unknown Method: Assault

79. ESCALANTE, Dec. 6 — James "Jimmy" Woolsey, 61, of Escalante, a counselor at a youth rehabilitation home, was beaten to death. Clay Brewer, 17, of Arizona, is charged as an adult with aggravated murder. Brewer had been at the Turn-About Ranch for five days when he reportedly became depressed and suicidal and tried to escape. As he fled, police say Brewer attacked and killed Woolsey, then assaulted a female counselor, taking her keys and fleeing in her vehicle until he was apprehended. Alleged motive: Escape Method: Beating

80, 81. SOUTH OGDEN, Dec. 9 — Cyle VanKomen, 24, and Kevin Nelson, 61, were shot while at VanKomen's home, 3636 S. Ogden Ave. A third man, 20, whose name has not been released, was critically injured. Police released surveillance video from home security cameras showing three men sneaking up to the house to apparently ambush the men. Detectives are still looking for the gunmen. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

82. MILLCREEK, Dec. 12 — Alaa "Ali" Alkhatawi, 46, was found stabbed to death in his home, 3365 S. 900 East, after police were called to make a welfare check. Karrar Suhail, 25, was charged with murder after police matched a bloody shoe print in the home to him. Alkhatawi was cut or stabbed 40 times across his neck, back, face and hands. Police say Alkhatawi was selling prescription drugs and Suhail had bought pills from him before. Alleged motive: Drugs, robbery Method: Stabbing

83. WEST VALLEY CITY, Dec. 12 — Javier Medina, 20, was shot multiple times while standing in the driveway at 7174 W. Bendixon Way. A friend, a 32-year-old woman, was also shot and injured. Police say Medina knew the gunman and was likely targeted. Investigators are still looking for the gunman. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

84. SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 17 — Rose Marie Harris, 54, was found dead in her Capitol Hill home, 573 N. Wall St., after police say the woman she lived with, Sue Mary Hickman, 53, called 911 and said she had "snapped" and shot Harris because she couldn't take the woman's drinking anymore, a police report states. Hickman is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Domestic Method: Shooting

85. LAYTON, Dec. 19 — Police say Christopher Scott Fritz, 20, shot his roommate, Taylor Vancamp, 24, after the two got into an argument in the house where they both lived, 1407 E. 275 North. Fritz allegedly told police that when the fight broke up and he went into his room, he saw he had a black eye and a bloody nose and "snapped." Fritz said he grabbed a gun, opened his bedroom door and fired at Vancamp until the gun was empty, police say. He is charged with murder. Motive: Domestic fight Method: Shooting

86. OREM, Dec. 22 — Jackson Jacques Woodward, 22, of Provo, was shot while allegedly trying to force his way into another man's apartment at 1080 N. State. He later died at a local hospital. Police say they are investigating the case as a possible self-defense. Motive: Possible self-defense Method: Shooting

87. WEST VALLEY CITY, Dec. 24 — Martin Daniel Diaz, 25, was arrested for investigation of murder in the shooting death of Gary Hart, 34, of West Valley City. People had been attending a nearby party before meeting up with another group in the parking lot of Shopko, 4850 W. 3500 South, about 4 a.m. The groups got into an fight where shots were fired. Three people suffered gunshot wounds, including Hart. A 17-year-old boy has also been arrested in the shooting. No charges have been filed. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

88. SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 27 — Sebastian Salgado, 19, was shot after he and his girlfriend met with two 18-year-old men who said they were interested in an item he was selling online. Salgado agreed to drive Anthony Glen Taylor and Romeo Alyss Alvarez to a Salt Lake location to get some money, police said, and the two men attempted to rob Salgado when the car stopped at 291 E. Browning Ave. A struggle ensued when Alvarez pulled out a gun, which fired and struck Salgado in the head, a report states. The two men fled and have since been arrested. Alleged motive: Robbery Method: Shooting

89. SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 29 — Katherine Peralta, 23, died after she was gunned down by her husband in the parking lot of ARUP Laboratories, 500 Chipeta Way. Police say an argument occurred when Richard Peralta, 25, met his wife as she was leaving work. He then shot and killed himself. Police said the couple had been experiencing marital issues. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

90. OGDEN, Dec. 30 — Steven Snider, 37, was shot near 26th Street and Adams Avenue following some kind of confrontation outside an apartment complex. Police say the gunman then barricaded himself inside the complex before surrendering. Jonathan Francisco Delgado, 32, was arrested for investigation of murder. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting