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Book review: 'Scripture Study Made Simple: Doctrine and Covenants' shares background, context

"SCRIPTURE STUDY MADE SIMPLE: Doctrine and Covenants," by Kathryn Jenkins Gordon, Covenant Communications, $32.99, 354 pages (nf)

The Doctrine and Covenants is the first book of scripture that Kathryn Jenkins Gordon read as a youth. According to her introduction to "Scripture Study Made Simple: Doctrine and Covenants," this was because it was easier, relatable and more digestible to her 12-year-old mind. As a result, the Doctrine and Covenants holds a special place in Gordon's heart.

In "Scripture Study Made Simple: Doctrine and Covenants," Gordon shares her love for this book by providing historical background for each section by giving information about the people as well as the circumstances leading to the revelation. Additionally, the Doctrine and Covenants is included verse by verse in black and white quotes, references and other historical information are inserted throughout in green.

Gordon highlights individuals mentioned in the revelation with biographical facts, accomplishments and errors committed by that individual. "Scripture Study Made Simple: Doctrine and Covenants" is not meant to be read in a single setting, but over time as a part of personal scripture study of the Doctrine and Covenants.

Gordon is the managing editor at Covenant Communications and an author of several books, including "Scripture Study Made Simple: The Book of Mormon." She resides in Orem, with her husband, Glenn.

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