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5 ways Ivory Homes is celebrating Utah

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It might be the Beehive State, but Utah’s most impressive homes aren’t buzzing with winged insects — they’re saving energy, housing the workforce and making more and more Utahns homeowners. With 20,000 Ivory homes sheltering individuals and families around the state, 2019 has been a banner year for the Beehive State — and its top builder. Here’s how Ivory Homes continues to support and celebrate Utah.

Planting trees

…like, lots of trees. Ivory Homes understands that everyone — builders particularly — is responsible for sustaining the environment. As an eco-friendly builder, Ivory Homes is committed to planting more than 30,000 trees across the state.

Working in conjunction with the Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation, TreeUtah and UCAIR, Ivory Homes will gift 20,000 trees to communities across the state, with another 10,000 trees planted within Ivory Homes communities. This initiative not only makes Utah neighborhoods look nicer, but it helps the poor air quality as well. According to the National Wildlife Federation, trees trap air contaminants and release oxygen. This natural air cleaning is crucial for Utah’s visibly poor air quality.

Utahns can contact Ivory Homes if they would like their neighborhood to be included in this tree initiative. If you’d like to participate, fill out the request form at Ivory Homes.   

Housing community heroes

The Utah Housing Coalition says there are more people than housing units in the state of Utah, which is driving costs of living up. Those hit hardest are the workforce members of the state, such as police officers, veterans and military members, first responders, teachers, nurses, construction and trade professionals and public employees. Recognizing the problem, Ivory Homes has a program to help our local heroes.

Qualifying buyers who finance their purchase through Momentum Loans can receive $2,000 towards closing costs or options (like appliances and window coverings), full yard sod, two trees in front yard and an Ivory Homes-designed sprinkler system. Workforce Homes are available in various Ivory Homes communities, including Holbrook Farms in Lehi, Broadview Shores in Provo and Newport Village in Spanish Fork. For more information on the Workforce Housing program, visit Ivory Homes.

A greener state

When it comes to protecting the environment and improving air quality, Ivory Homes is seeing green — and saving their homeowners some green, too. That’s because Ivory Homes’ standards are high when it comes to building energy-efficient homes. So high, in fact, you’re unlikely to find new or existing homes rated better.

With an average home energy rating (HERS) of 53, one of the best in Utah, these homes help to leave the earth a cleaner place. According to the HERS Index, energy efficient homes, like Ivory Homes, decrease the amount of US carbon production. More than 200,000 homes in the US work to reduce more than 1 million tons of carbon annually.

On average, Ivory homeowners can save up to $1,200 per year on utilities. That’s a lot of green — and it’s helping to make Utah greener as well.

Affordable housing

If you feel like you just woke up to crazy real estate in the Beehive State, you’re probably not alone. In fact, Utah ranks second in the nation when it comes to rising home prices, which is problematic if you’re looking to make the American dream a reality on the Wasatch Front. That’s why Ivory Homes is committed to keeping Utah housing not only high quality, but also affordable to its hardworking residents. 

Along with its Workforce Housing program, Ivory Homes also created the “Ivory Prize,” a competition that awards new and innovative ideas to promote housing affordability in Utah. Additionally, Ivory Homes has donated more than $1 million to organizations working to make housing a reality for all of Utah — not just those in the top income brackets. 

Building homes

Sure, as a homebuilder, it’s what you’d expect from Ivory Homes. But building shelter is only part of what Ivory Homes has done in more than 20,000 instances. As new homeowners turn the key in their new front door, they’re gaining more than a roof over their heads; they’re creating a life for themselves and their families.

Ivory Homes is passionate about empowering that moment — and every moment after. From the memories you’ll make and share within those walls to the comfort you feel just walking in the door, Ivory Homes builds the structures that make you feel right at home. 

For more information on Ivory Homes’ commitment to the community, visit their website.