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Santa needs help: The 2017 Gift Guide presents practical, enjoyable and unusual gift ideas

SALT LAKE CITY — Santa asked for a helping hand this year with his gift list. After scouring store shelves, browsing endlessly online and accepting more suggestions than anyone can imagine, the 2017 family friendly gift guide is here to help with items in every price range. Some gifts don't have to be in the categories we assigned them, so don't take it too literally. And there's a big-ticket item you might consider if you're feeling flush: Deseret Book has a life-size Nativity set for $15,000.

Merry Christmas!



Weego Jump Starter 22, $69, jump-starts 5-liter gas and 2.5-liter diesel engines, phones and more. Major retailers.

Rachel Cruze wallet, $39.99, for those who use the cash-only money system. Leather. Five colored clips. At,

Volt Fleece Heated Gloves, 149.95, with rechargeable 7-volt lithium battery, soft fleece to keep hands warm for hours. Amazon, major retailers.

Floating Comfort pillow by Mediflow, $49.99. Peer-reviewed study says it improves sleep quality. Adjustable. Choose your filling, then add tap water.

Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet, MSRP $199.99, with bone conduction technology to safely listen to music, receive calls, communicate with other bikers and more with full awareness of cars and their immediate surroundings.

SleepPhones, $39.99 corded or $99.99 wireless, are headphones in a headband that make it comfortable to listen to music, audiobooks.

Grillbot, MSRP $129. Grill-cleaning robot is your new warm-weather friend. Major retailers.

Grillbot barbecue cleaner
Grillbot barbecue cleaner

Metal Blueprints with Built-in Frame by Ballpark Blueprints, $60. Beloved sports venues on detailed high-definition, sublimatable aluminum sheets with vibrant colors.

Yamaha Venova**, $129.99.** New instrument combines the sound and nuance of a saxophone with the simplicity of a recorder. Light, compact and easy to master.

Gratitude Glass Jar, $45. Be grateful every day. Includes 365 bronze foil cards for daily notes.

Gratitude glass jar
Gratitude glass jar
Louisa Jones Photography

D.A.D. 2 (Defense Alert Device), $129.99, by TigerLight uses Bluetooth technology and an app to tell friends you are in danger and where you are. Trigger an alert, spray nonlethal chemical deterrent and run away. SOS flashlight.

OWL auto escape tool, $14.95, breaks car glass outward in an emergency, contains razor to slice through seat belt.

Mission Belt, $49.95. College and pro-sports teams, in no-holes style. Utah State, BYU, U of U, Utah Jazz and dozens of other teams.

HappyLight Touch LED Energy & Light Therapy Lamp, $99.95.

GoBeTM 2 Smart Life Band, $199. Monitor calorie intake and use, energy and water balance, stress, heart rate, sleep quality, steps taken and more. Works with smartphone app.

Password Vault, $59.99. Holds 400 user IDs, logins and passwords. Create a tough PIN and secure it but keep it near. Not connected, so not hackable. Sharper Image.

TravelWise 5 Piece Packing Cube Set, $24.95, by EatSmart keeps clothes folded and neat when packed in their own "small drawers."

TravelWise packing cubes
TravelWise packing cubes

The C by GE Sol lamp, $199. The first lamp to integrate Amazon Alexa. Control lighting, set timers, check the weather, tell time, play music, order your dinner, listen to the latest headlines or respond to a host of other Alexa voice commands.

DRL Nikko Air Race Vision 220 FPV Pro, $139.99. Toy-quadcopter model drone includes 5.8 GHz frequency, a first-person view screen and goggles while delivering video. Multiple modes and speeds, betaflight software. Target.

Trekz Titanium Open Ear Headphones, $129.95. Keep your ears open to what’s around you while bone conduction brings you music and sound. A safer way to “tune in.” PremiumPitch+ Sound., Amazon.

Photopogs, $9.95. These photograph cards can turn into tree ornaments. Thirteen designs.

Photopog ornament card
Photopog ornament card

Foundmi, $25. Bluetooth trackers with great faces: Star Wars, Marvel and DC collectibles will make you smile. IOS and Android compatible.

Antidote Chocolate Bars**, $7.50**. Flavors like banana and cayenne, mango and juniper, almond and fennel are sure to surprise.


Gelli Card Printing Kit, $24.99, ages 8 and up. Printing plate, paints, foam sheets, roller, card stock. Engrossing process to make your own unique cards. Major retailers.

Piper Computer Kit, MSRP $299, ages 8-13. DIY kit uses Minecraft and Raspberry Pi to teach kids fundamentals of electronics, coding, engineering and problem-solving.


Tidy Snap drawer organizing system, $40, ages 3 and up. The Tidy Snap board rolls clothes perfectly and automatic snap band goes around to keep them neat.

Poketti Plushies, $12.95. Cuddle with it, and store things in the pocket. Designed by kids; includes inspirational cards.

Magic Sketch**, $29.95**. Draw, stencil, roll, play games. And when you’re done, press a button and it erases, ready to go again.

Razor Spider-Man Jetts Heel Wheels, $39.93. Heel wheels feature “quick click” hook-and-loop strap system. Fits U.S. size youth 12 to adult 12. Only at Walmart.

RoseArt CharMinis Jewelry Studio, $24.95. Miniature charm maker. Fuses with water. Major retailers.

PaiBand, $69, ages 4 and up. Use free City Run app through iPad and Bluetooth-enabled TV. Parents can set goals for and track daily activity, monitor sleep and heart rate behavior and keep track of important growth data.

Stomp Rocket Ultra LED, $14.99, ages 5-12. Run, jump and stomp. How high will they glow? Check out the other versions, too. Major retailers.

Stomp Rocket Ultra LED
Stomp Rocket Ultra LED
Stomp Rocket

Transformers: The Titan Class TRYPTICON, by Hasbro, $149.99. This guy’s the largest figure in the Titans Return universe.

VRSE Jurassic Park, $59.99, ages 8 and up. Virtual reality gaming. Fight off hungry prehistorics. Needs a smartphone to work. Major retailers.


Adora BathTime Babies, $39.99. This little doll is 100 percent machine washable and dries fast. Open-and-shut eyes, too. Thirteen inches. Major retailers.

Little Lamb from Bethlehem, $26.99. Adoptable plush toy and book. Deseret Book.

Little Lamb from Bethlehem
Little Lamb from Bethlehem
Deseret Book

Snap-n-Learn Matching Dinos, $19.99, ages 2 and up. By Learning Resources, it combines fine motor skills with colors and shapes for hours of fun.

Soundbub, by WavHello, $49.99. Bluetooth-enabled. Record messages, music and more to connect with your child when you’re not there.

Milestone Keepsake Ornament, $19. Capture baby’s first year with 12 papers and cork top so you can write down memories of the year and seal them away for now.


Bialetti Pasta Pot, $29.99. Cook and strain in this 5-quart aluminum pot. Comes in cool colors, including red pepper, black raspberry and coastal blue.

Bialetti Pasta Pot
Bialetti Pasta Pot
Christopher Smith

Heart Spoon, $14, from the Little Market, made by Wood Carvers of Kenya.

Coldwater Creek Snuggle Mug, $14.95. Cozies keep drinks cute and hot!

Mini Firefighter, $19.99. Compact extinguisher extinguishes four different fire types: grease, gasoline, electrical and wood.

Thoughtfully Kits, price varies. Apple Pie Lover Kit, $44.95. Choose a kit to match the recipient, from a hot sauce sample to everything to make little pies.


Beasts of Balance, $99, ages 7 and up. Build worlds and reach high scores by stacking magical artifacts into incredible towers. Everything added joins a world that evolves on a wirelessly connected digital device. Players must keep their tower and the ecosystem of their world in balance, stacking all 24 pieces and caring for the virtual beasts they create.

Beasts of Balance
Beasts of Balance

AKIN, by Funnybone toys, $19.99, ages 8 and up, 2-4 players. Identify qualities and objects that are related to form sets. Whoever has the most sets at the end of 10 rounds wins.

UTTER NONSENSE, $24.99, ages 8 and up. It’s an accent game and it needn’t make sense. Hilarious.

Humans Being Card Game, $34.95, is an improv party game that came to life on Kickstarter.

DISRUPTUS by Funnybone Toys, $24.99, ages 10 and up, asks players to look at objects and ideas and use approaches determined by rolling a die to innovate.