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Clean Cut: LDS singers make music video to help kids fight cancer

SALT LAKE CITY — Mormon singer Nadia Khristean recently released a YouTube music video to help kids fight cancer. Her cover of Sara Bareilles' "Brave" features Madilyn Paige along with Allie and Daniell Tanner of The Tannerites.

In a sneak peek of the video, Khristean said she was inspired by her friend Lillie Brown, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2010. Brown appeared in the preview and talked about her work with Make It Better Agents.

According to the American Cancer Society, osteosarcoma is a type of cancer that develops in the bone. Although it can occur at any age, it is most often found in children and young adults, and teens are the most commonly affected age group.

"Kids who are fighting osteosarcoma cancer sent us videos of what it means to be brave," states the YouTube music video.

Footage of cancer patients being brave is interspersed throughout the video, many of them amputees.

"This cancer often leads to amputations," states the video. "But together we can change that."

Khristean and Lillie worked together to shoot the video for MIB Agents, a nonprofit volunteer organization.

Viewers can donate to the organization, or share the music video with #GoMakeItBetter and sponsors will also contribute, according to the video.

The Clean Cut is a regular feature that highlights family-friendly videos.