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Utah-based company Chatbooks is featured by Forbes, releases new comedic promo video

SHARE Utah-based company Chatbooks is featured by Forbes, releases new comedic promo video

In keeping with previously released videos, Chatbooks captures the craziness of mom life in a new promo video that encourages moms to get in the photos of important moments, even though they may not look perfect at the time. Making the move from behind the camera to being in the photo will ensure that as memories are preserved, kids will be able to see their moms in the photos.

“Getting yourself in the photo with your children is about as easy as taking a potty-training two-year-old on an airplane,” says the mom in the video, echoing the thoughts of many moms.

The Utah-based company was recently highlighted by Forbes.

“Chatbooks is an app and website that enables people to literally and figuratively ‘hold on to what matters’ by creating subscription-based automated photo books,” the Forbes article said.

Last October, Chatbooks posted the advertisement below that focused on the chaos of mom life, including potty training, soccer games and a lack of bubble baths. The video was watched over 62 million times on Facebook.

Founders Nate and Vanessa Quigley, who are Utahns and members of the LDS Church, started the company in 2014. Forbes noted that Chatbooks quickly became a multi-million dollar company.

Nate Quigley told Utah Valley 360 that he thought of the idea after his grandfather, a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, passed away.

“He used to sing “Home on the Range” to us as kids,” Quigley told them. “And there was a recording of it played at his funeral. I immediately wanted to go home and play it for my children. We ended up losing the recording for a time. We later found it, but it got me thinking of a business idea where we safeguard and organize our memories electronically.”

Watch the video here.