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10 staycation ideas to create memories for less

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Vacations are the best. Everyone knows that. Full of good times, discoveries and memories, they keep you going through the "urgent" meetings and endless piles of laundry that make up day-to-day life. There are, however, two drawbacks: the time you waste getting to your destination and back and the significant money you have to shell out. Enter: the staycation! Save your money for their college tuition (heaven knows it's coming faster than you think!) and make memories for less.

Plan the best Spring Break staycation ever with these affordable ideas.

Trip to Bear Lake

A 2-hour drive from the valley, Bear Lake tiptoes on the edge of what's defined as a "staycation." But two hours is certainly not un"bear"able (sorry, we had to) and the gorgeous turquoise water and various activities such as water skiing, boating or wakeboarding make the trip well worth it.

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The cost: camping starts at $10/night. The rest is up to you.


Stunning views are plentiful in and around the valley, and it doesn't necessarily take strenuous hiking to get to them. Bonus: bring along a sandwich and some drinks and make it a day. Some of our favorite family-friendly hikes include:

Cecret Lake

Donut Falls

Twin Lakes and Lake Solitude

City Creek

The cost (per person): free!


Davis County's Lagoon may not have any registered Disney characters roaming around, but its world-class attractions are nothing to scoff at. Daring adults (and kiddos taller than 48 inches) can hop on roller coasters such as the brand new Cannibal or its almost 100-year old and somewhat plainly named grandfather Roller Coaster, while others can enjoy milder rides. No ridiculous wait times, either.

The cost (per person): $39.9555.95

Spa Day

Spas are (rightfully) known as universal remedies for stress and anxiety, and are just perfect when you need a quick getaway to get your mind and body rejuvenated. Surprise your significant other (or yourself) with this spa package that includes facial, massage, Thai treatment and ultimate relaxation at 63% off!

The cost (per person): packages typically start at $150



School may be out but that doesn't mean your kiddos can't do some learning. There are several museums all around the valley that do a great job of catering to audiences of all ages. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Natural History Museum
  • Utah Museum of Fine Arts
  • The Pioneer Memorial Museum
  • Dinosaur National Museum
  • Clark Planetarium (not a museum but close enough)

The cost (per person): $1015 per person

Zoos and aquariums

No need to travel thousands of miles to see elephants, tigers, penguins or sharks when they can be found right in our backyard! Bring your animal-loving little ones to see some of Earth's most fascinating creatures at the Hogle Zoo or the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, which house 249 and 450 different species, respectively.

The cost (per person): $019.95

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

The 13th annual Tulip Festival is open April 7May 6 at Ashton Gardens. The 15 themed gardens feature a grand total of 280,000 tulips — all exported from Holland too, so it's like a little taste of Amsterdam in the springtime.

The cost (per person): $017 for basic admission

Movie + dinner

This combination is timeless for a reason. If you want to be frugal, take advantage of $5 movie Tuesdays (at most theaters.) You can also try out an exotic restaurant to momentarily feel like you're on foreign land — like France, India or Thailand. Try Caf Guru’s modern take on timeless Indian classics for 33% off.

The cost (per person): $20+ depending on your choice of restaurant

Relax at a hotel

Sometimes, not being responsible for cleaning your house is all you need. Eat a continental breakfast in the morning and make good use of all the amenities you usually don't have access to — the pool is never a bad idea. Remember, hotels are meant for comfort and relaxation, so let someone else do all the work while you kick back and enjoy yourself.

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The cost: $100+ per room

Spend the day at the library

A mind excursion can be just as good as a physical one. Head over to the spectacular Salt Lake City Library (or any library) and spend the day reading a thought-provoking book — or let your kids read "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" for the millionth time. The point is, the library puts the world at your fingertips!

The cost: free!

In the end, Spring Break is all about making memories with your kids. Who says you need money to make that happen? Not us! Get great deals on family fun, restaurants, vacations and more at KSLDeals.com.