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Utah toddler ‘Unimpressed Chloe’ went viral back in 2013. Here’s what she’s doing now

Chloe poses with her family in front of a Google ad with her face on it.
Chloe poses with her family in front of a Google ad with her face on it.

Disneyland isn't for everyone.

Two Salt Lake City parents learned that the hard way four years ago when they surprised their two young daughters Lily and Chloe with a trip to Disneyland.

In the video that went viral, Lily, 6, can be seen crying tears of joy and relief when her parents told her that she would be forgoing school to enjoy the weekend with family at Disneyland. Her sister, Chloe, however, was not as impressed.

In the video, which you can watch below, Chloe, 2, has a rather wooden expression on her face when she hears the news.

In the years following the video, Chloe's reaction actually became a meme.

But the sisters are back. E! News reported that Chloe and her sister still get opportunities to star in YouTube videos today and even had the opportunity to travel the world.

Their most recent trip? Sao Paulo, where the family can be seen posing in front of a Google ad with Chloe's face on it.

According to FanFest, the family even got a tour of Google's offices and invited to a party the search engine company hosted later on the day.

Here are some more photos from their trip, found on their Instagram account.