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Lone Peak's Seth Corry drafted by the Giants

Seth Corry largely met and even exceeded draft expectations on Tuesday when the San Francisco Giants picked up the lefty pitcher in the third round of the Major League Baseball draft. Corry was the 96th player drafted in the 40-round draft and the first local prospect taken.

Corry is a 6-foot-2 lefty who can clock well over 90 mph on his fastball. He was recently named the Deseret News' Mr. Baseball and for good reason, considering his 1.90 ERA and 97 strikeouts over 52 innings pitched this past season.

Although he was ultimately drafted about where most anticipated, Corry heard some indication early that he might go the first day.

"It's just been a crazy couple of days for me. You heard people talk about taking you early, then get maybe a bit disappointed when it doesn't happen, but right now I couldn't be more excited," Corry said. "The Giants were always one of the front-runners after workouts, and the timing just had to get right between both of us. It got right in the third round, and I'm very happy to get picked by the Giants."

Corry will now weigh his option of signing with the Giants and going pro immediately or go on to play for BYU. His decision will weigh heavily on what the Giants will offer with regards to a signing bonus. Corry's slotted bonus is $558,500, although Pleasant Grove's Payton Henry received a $550,000 bonus upon being drafted in the sixth round last year.

Players report to teams almost immediately after getting drafted, so Corry will make his decision whether to go to BYU or go pro in the next couple of days.

"It's been a pretty surreal feeling with everything, but now reality is setting in and I have to make a big decision for myself and for my future," Corry said.

The excitement of having two great options isn't something he's taking for granted, however.

"I have always known about the Giants since I was young. They're a top program," Corry said. "I couldn't have gone to a better team. They're the team at the beginning of this that I wanted to get drafted by, and it ended up happening."

Utah pitcher Riley Ottesen was drafted in the fifth round by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Ottesen pitched for American Fork, where he was named the Deseret News' Mr. Baseball in 2013, prior to pitching for the Utes.

Ottesen is a 6-foot-1 righty who went 7-6 with a 5.37 earned run average in two seasons with the Utes. He recorded 119 strikeouts in 137 1/3 innings in his collegiate career since returning from an LDS Church mission to Japan.

In the eighth round, fellow Utah pitcher Jayson Rose was taken by the Milwaukee Brewers.

The 6-foot right-hander was named first-team All-Pac-12 this season and led the Utes with 82 strikeouts in 2017 while going 8-3 in 94 innings. He had a 19-13 record in three years with Utah, with a 3.23 ERA and 256 strikeouts over 287 innings.

The next round, Milwaukee again picked a Ute, selecting third baseman Dallas Carroll in the ninth.

Carroll, a former Taylorsville High standout, finished 2017 as the Pac-12 leader in several batting categories and hit .369 with seven home runs and 52 RBIs as a senior while earning all-first team league honors.


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