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Are the odds in your favor? Your chance of dying from various causes


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With Discovery Channel’s Shark Week approaching, we’re constantly reminded of the fear of dying from an unnatural cause. While the odds of being the victim of a shark attack are one in 11.5 million worldwide, we Utahns are lucky to not worry about Great Whites in our backyard. What we do have to worry about, however, is staying safe on the road during Utah’s 100 Deadliest Days.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, fatal crashes nearly double compared to the rest of the year. Human behavior, such as distracted or impaired driving, causes most car crashes. Discover what the odds of dying are from events ranging from dying in a plane crash to driving without your seatbelt.

What are the odds of dying in a plane crash?

There is a one in 11 million chance of dying in a plane crash.

What are the odds of being killed by a dog?

Compared to being killed by a dog, the likelihood of which is one in 18 million, a person is twice as likely to win the lottery and five times more likely to be struck by lightning.

What are the odds of being killed by an asteroid?

The chances a person will be killed by an asteroid are one in 200,000, which is much higher than the odds of being killed by hail, which is one in 734,400,000.

What are the odds of being killed from skydiving?

Each year, one out of 100,000 people die in a skydiving accident, which is 17 times lower than the risk of dying in a car crash.

What are the odds of being murdered?

While one out of five people fear the possibility of being murdered, the odds that a person will be murdered in any given year are about one in 18,690. According to the FBI, violent crime is now at a near-historic low.

What are the odds of dying from a bear attack?

The chance of being killed by a bear while visiting Yellowstone National Park is one in 2.1 million. As a park visitor, a person is more likely to die from drowning or burns sustained from falling into a thermal pool.

What are the odds of dying while not wearing a seat belt?

The odds you will die in a car crash when you aren’t wearing a seat belt is one in two. ONE IN TWO! More than half of teenagers and adults aged 20-44 who died in crashes in 2015 were not wearing their seat belts. Make the easy choice and buckle up, every trip, every time. Seat belts save lives.

While you or your friend may be terrified of dying from a shark attack, you should be more concerned about dying from being unbuckled in a car crash. Buckle up during Utah’s 100 Deadliest Days and remind your friends to stay safe as well.