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UTubers: BYU competes in Mars rover challenge, Sia cover from former ‘The Voice’ contestant

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Madilyn Paige sings in her cover of "Titanium" by Sia.

Madilyn Paige sings in her cover of “Titanium” by Sia.

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Utah filmmakers took the lead in innovation this week, with new vibes on old songs, original video shots, clever tweaks in engineering and creative song combos.

Madilyn Paige posted a music video cover of Sia’s “Titanium.” The song holds special significance for Paige as it was the song she sang for her blind audition on NBC’s “The Voice” in 2015. The video’s description reads, “Its message is that we are strong and capable, and we are Titanium. This song has become a motto for me in my everyday life, and I feel empowered every single time I sing it. I've had to overcome a lot to get to where I am today, but I'm so grateful for the experiences I've been able to have and most importantly for all of YOU. Never forget, you can do hard things!”

Brad and Hailey Devine posted a “Travel Diary” video of their trip to Cornwall, England. While eating cornish ice cream, Hailey Devine said, “I probably just had the most blonde moment ever, I just realized that the word cornish comes from Cornwall. I’ve heard it for so long.”

Monica Scott, a songwriter and and BYU graduate, arranged a medley of baptismal hymns, collaborating with Susan Jordan Crump.

The Gardiner Sisters released a new video this week, and according to an earlier video, Hailey Gardiner wrote the song. “This is one of the only love songs I’ve ever written that I didn’t write about a specific person,” she said.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s channel posted a video of the BYU Singers in the tabernacle, singing “Sing Praise to God.”

Utah filmmakers Scott and Ryceejo, seamlessly blended favorites from the band Train.

BYU students recently completed a Mars rover challenge with 13 other countries. The video description reads, “Sponsored by The Mars Society, the rover challenge is considered one of the most difficult robotic competitions for students because vehicles must be autonomous and capable of completing various tasks in extremely rugged environments.” BYU placed fourth.

The Piano Gal performed the Christina Perri song that Evie Clair recently sang on NBC’s “America's Got Talent.”

In a skit from Studio C, a young girl asks her mom about the day she was born, but ends up very confused.

LDS Youth posted a video called “Our Divine Destiny,” featuring inspirational thoughts from Elder Larry Echo Hawk of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Mormon Channel presented a mashup of "Home and Heart" and "I Need Thee Every Hour" performed by Happy Medium.

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