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17 LDS accounts to uplift your Instagram feed

SHARE 17 LDS accounts to uplift your Instagram feed
The Instagram photo stream for The Small Seed is shown.

The Instagram photo stream for The Small Seed is shown.

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The following LDS-based accounts can be counted on for some inspiration, motivation and laughter in your Instagram feed.

Restoring Photography captures vivid photos from sites in Church History, including the Sacred Grove, Emma Smith’s home, the Peter Whitmer home and others.

LDS Art Co. takes a modern spin on temple photography, including ideas on how to display temple photos in the home.

Mormon Memes is a good resource for some clean, LDS-themed laughs.

Followers of Salt LDS Retreat are treated to image quotes, photos and inspiring messages. The first-ever Salt LDS Retreat was held in March and another is scheduled in Salt Lake City in October. Read more about the first retreat here.

The Small Seed posts frequent LDS devotionals, photos and scriptures. Read more about the women behind The Small Seed here.

The Empty Photo Project page focuses on women who have experienced child loss. Make sure to read the descriptions. Learn the story behind the account here.

LDS Daily Scripture is an uplifting account that features daily devotions from the scriptures.

The center for LDS image quotes, Mormon Daily features daily inspiration.

Mormon Newsroom posts important updates about what’s happening around the world in relation to the church.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BUcU2dIhKYG/?taken-by=mormonnewsroomThe account of the BYU TV show Studio C posts screengrabs, memes and short video clips.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BU5zLSPBJxQ/?taken-by=studioctvLDS Smiles is a page for clean, family friendly LDS memes.

If followers read a Book of Mormon 365 post every day, they’ll have read the entire book by the end of the year.

The Provo Girls account collects text screenshots from all the dating mishaps that happen at BYU, from the female perspective. An opposing account, Provo Guys am I Right, is the guy’s point of view, but users must send a follow request to see content. The two accounts that poke fun at BYU co-eds are good for a daily laugh.

Prophets Speak posts frequent snippets from General Conference talks.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BU1kdXrAsxd/?taken-by=prophets_speakBeautiful sunset shots of temples are the signature posts on Richard Webb Temples.

Becoming Threads is a clothing line with positive quotes, including some from general authorities.