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ClearPlay tool allows Amazon customers to filter sex, language, violence from select movies

SHARE ClearPlay tool allows Amazon customers to filter sex, language, violence from select movies

ClearPlay, a movie filtering service, will now allow customers to stream select rentals and purchases made on Amazon.com, according to ClearPlay CEO Matt Jarman.

Jarman told the Deseret News that this service is “in early testing stages."

ClearPlay’s filtering service allows users to skip over scenes they may find objectionable. The service also mutes potentially inappropriate language, according to the company’s website


Clearplay offers options for filtering. | Screenshot

ClearPlay recently created the new technology to filter movies through Amazon, for both Prime members and regular customers, Jarman said. The company showed the product to Amazon, which was “very helpful, very supportive,” he said.

Now, users with an updated version of Google Chrome can add the filter, allowing customers to filter out compatible Amazon rentals and purchases. The service is available to the public. You can check it out on amazon.clearplay.com.

Adding the filter extension is free, and viewers can use the service for 30 days for free. After that, it will cost $1 per movie for the service, Jarman said.

After installing the ClearPlay extension, users can click on the app's notification bar to see a list of all the compatible movies available on Amazon.

When viewers have a movie selected, they can filter out sex and nudity, violence, language and substance abuse.

Jarman added that more membership options will be available in the future. The company will provide additional details and features in the coming weeks, he said.

“We’re excited to introduce it to families," he said. "We think this is a very simple and easy and friendly option to watch newly released family movies with streaming options."

ClearPlay announced in February that it could no longer stream its filtered Hollywood films through Google.

“ClearPlay filtering continues to work with stream content available through Google Play, except for new movie releases. We have been relying on certain programming interfaces that are no longer available through Google Play,” Jarman said in a statement in February.


A shot of an Amazon movie with filtering turned on. | Screenshot

Jarman said at the time he expected new releases to be available for streaming with a “major streaming service provider” in 2017.

Jarman said on Wednesday that the aforementioned service provider is Amazon.

Before that announcement, ClearPlay announced a deal with PureFlix.com, which is often called “Netflix for Christians.”

The partnership allowed ClearPlay to filter more than 5,000 titles available in PureFlix’s library.

The question of legality of filtered streaming movies has been in the news since four Hollywood studios brought a lawsuit against VidAngel, a filtered streaming service. The studios said VidAngel violated copyright laws because it didn't have rights to the films, according to the Deseret News.

For its new deal with Amazon, ClearPlay developed an "about" page that explains why its service is legal.

"ClearPlay only releases filtering products that are compliant with copyright law. Keeping our products legal is one of the reasons we have stayed in business for over 17 years," the company website reads.