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Alex Boyé replaces 'Hamilton' actor at Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Pioneer Day concert

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir announced Thursday in a news release that "Hamilton" star Christopher Jackson will no longer be appearing with the choir as part of its Pioneer Day concert.

The Deseret News had previously reported in June the choir's announcement that Jackson, who is known for his role as George Washington in the original cast of the popular musical "Hamilton" and most recently for his work in the CBS drama "Bull," would be the special guest for the choir's “Music for a Summer Evening" concerts on July 14-15.

However, according to the news release, the Tony Award-nominated actor and Grammy/Emmy Award-winning songwriter and composer had an unforseen scheduling conflict with filming "Bull" come up since the announcement that could not be rectified.

"Mr. Jackson is sincerely disappointed at this turn of events and is looking forward to another opportunity to appear with the choir and orchestra in the future," the news release states.

Instead, singer Alex Boyé, who is recognized for his "Africanized" versions of pop songs and hymns, will be performing with the choir during the concerts at the Conference Center.

Boyé, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was previously a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for seven years before leaving in 2014 to focus on his personal music career, the news release states. He was recently named 2017 Artist of the Year in a music contest sponsored by Pepsi and Hard Rock Cafe, and his videos on YouTube have over 400 million views. The Utah performer also auditioned on NBC's "America's Got Talent" in 2015.

Free tickets for the concerts are required and have all been distributed. For those interested in standby seating, a line will form at the north gate on Temple Square at 6:30 p.m. for the evening performances.