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Trey Burke takes a shot at Utah Jazz on Twitter

Trey Burke of the Utah Jazz answers questions during an end of season press conference at Zions Bank Basketball Center in Salt Lake City, Thursday, April 14, 2016.
Trey Burke of the Utah Jazz answers questions during an end of season press conference at Zions Bank Basketball Center in Salt Lake City, Thursday, April 14, 2016.
Ravell Call, Deseret News

LAS VEGAS — Not all former Utah players feel as fondly about playing for the Jazz as Trevor Booker.

For the second time since Gordon Hayward announced his decision to bolt for Boston, a disgruntled ex-Jazzman took some jabs at Utah's NBA team on Twitter.

On Sunday afternoon, Trey Burke responded to a Jazz fan's criticism of his play by publicly rekindling his bitter feelings about Utah.

"I don't blame Trey Lyles. Jazz traded him. I don't blame Trey Burke. He just wasn't talented enough," Jazz podcasters @jediandjerms wrote on Twitter on July 6. "I don't blame all the guys we let walk."

Three days later, Burke fired back (he wasn't tagged in the post, mind you) by writing:

That wasn't it from Burke.

Another Jazz fan, @TornByDevin, retweeted his insult by writing, "Haha, alright man, you want some fries with that salt? You got beat out, it happens. Work on your defense, and not just on Twitter."

Burke responded, "lol what I said was a fact .. get over it."

This isn't the first time Burke has taken a shot at the Jazz organization. Last fall, he made some noise when he aired some grievances over the way he was allegedly treated during his time in Utah from 2013-16.

"They (Jazz) couldn’t break me. That's what they tried to do," Burke told a Washington, D.C., sports radio station. "They couldn’t break me, though. They gave me DNPs. Everybody asked me what’s going on, 'Why aren’t you playing?' There’s a reason everybody asked me that."

The Jazz had high hopes for Burke when they traded two first-round picks to acquire the 2013 NCAA player of the year out of Michigan. He was Utah's starting point guard under Ty Corbin, but he lost his starting job and was relegated to an inconsistent reserve role after Quin Snyder took over as the Jazz coach.

Another Trey — Trey Lyles — mocked the Jazz by posting a GIF of Leonardo DiCaprio laughing after Hayward's decision to sign with the Celtics as an unrestricted free agent came to light on the Fourth of July. The third-year power forward, who struggled his second season after a promising rookie year, was traded to Denver on June 22 as part of a deal that helped Utah acquire Louisville guard Donovan Mitchell with the 13th pick in last month's draft.

Lyles later deleted his tweet.

During a podcast last week, Booker said hehe wasn't surprised that Hayward left Utah because he'd heard rumors that the small forward wanted to play elsewhere.

Unlike some of his former teammates, Booker spoke fondly of the Jazz.

“If the opportunity ever came about I’d definitely love to play in Utah again," the Brooklyn Nets power forward said. "Their organization is great. The fans are great. My family and I loved it out there."

Burke was traded to Washington last year for a second-round pick after three seasons with Utah. He played even fewer minutes per game with the Wizards this past season and is now hoping to sign on with another NBA team.

A while after taking a shot at Utah, Burke responded to a fan who asked why he believes nobody supposedly wants to play for the Jazz.

"They just burned there (sic) All stars jersey I mean cmon," he wrote. "But I'm off of here and back to "real" life ."