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BYU-Idaho's new brand: 'student focused by design'

SALT LAKE CITY — Brigham Young University-Idaho is about to roll out the first of hundreds of messages intended to brand it as a university uniquely "student focused by design."

The campaign's target audience is BYU-Idaho students and prospective students. The message is that the school's commitment to undergraduate students is rare among large American colleges and universities. The school offers no graduate degrees and asks faculty to focus on teaching, not research.

BYU-Idaho had 17,980 students last fall. Those students have told the university they appreciate BYU-Idaho's uniqueness, even among the four colleges and universities owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. "Teaching-focused faculty" was the top draw for students in a December 2015 poll of the student body.

“BYU-Idaho is a special place, and we hope to let potential students know that, so they can come and experience it for themselves,” Merv Brown, managing director of University Relations, said in a news release.

The school executed a soft launch of the messaging campaign earlier this year with a new homepage. A new page on the website supported the campaign and introduced the university as student focused by design.

The 2015 student survey identified five hallmarks students recognize in the university — the teaching-focused faculty, affordability, small-class sizes, students who share values and a focus on real-world preparation.