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'Happy Face': LDS stand-up comedian Ryan Hamilton gets his own special on Netflix

Stand-up comedian Ryan Hamilton gives his new routine, "Happy Face," on Netflix.
Stand-up comedian Ryan Hamilton gives his new routine, "Happy Face," on Netflix.
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Stand-up comedian Ryan Hamilton, an Idaho native and BYU alumnus, is featured in a new Netflix comedy special, “Happy Face,” available on Netflix Tuesday.

Hamilton’s original act will be one among many routines from comedians in the recent Netflix series, “The Standups.” Standing out from his fellow entertainers, Hamilton offers jokes that are not only funny, but clean, said KSL.

“I was always naturally drawn to comedians who fall into that camp,” he told The Interrobang. “It kinda chooses you more than you choose it.”

Hamilton didn’t attempt stand-up comedy until he was 18-years-old and began performing locally at pizza parlors and arcade game rooms, he told The Interrobang. Since then, Hamilton has been slowly garnering attention for his witty, self-deprecating jokes and has found success as a comedian in New York City.

During the Netflix special, Hamilton recounted when he first moved to the Big Apple and was seeing some of the sights for the first time.

“One day, I found myself crowded on a boat with a lot of other hopeful people on the way to the Statue of Liberty, and what I realized is that all these boat tour companies have actually managed to just kind of recreate the immigrant experience.

“I don’t even know what they’re doing, but 10 minutes in, all I could think was, ‘Get me to America. I don’t want to be here, anymore. I gotta get of this boat and get a job and feed my family, you know?’” he joked.

According to his website, Hamilton was recently named one of Rolling Stone’s “Five Comics to Watch,” and has appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and on “Conan.” Hamilton has also frequently performed at the Comedy Club in New York City, his clean act fitting in more with the likes of Jim Gaffigan and Brian Reagan than on Comedy Central, said The New York Times.

Hamilton will be performing a live show in Salt Lake City from Sept. 28-30 at the Wiseguys Comedy Club. For more information, click here.