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These 5 YouTubers get millions of views, and all are from Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — CVX Live, a social media convention started by the Utah YouTube stars behind “Kid History,” took place recently at the Salt Palace Convention Center, bringing together top YouTube creators from across the country.

Several of them are Utah based and have millions — and, for a few, billions — of views.

Here’s a look at a few of the top Utah YouTube channels and their most-viewed videos. All view numbers are rounded down, and are subject to change frequently.

Grant Thompson — "The King of Random"

Grant Thompson, known by the nickname “The King of Random,” is “dedicated to exploring life through all kinds of life hacks, experiments and random weekend projects,” according to his YouTube channel.

With what he calls a mix of MacGyver, James Bond and MythBusters, Thompson tackles how-to projects, such as making a laser-guided blowgun, and provides tips and tricks, including “10 Life Hacks You Need to Know for Summer.

Thompson’s most popular video, “How to Make Lego Gummy Candy,” has more than 23,488,300 views.

Total channel views: 1.3 billion

Working With Lemons

Working With Lemons is a group of Utah-based family and friends who produce a channel known for their covers of Disney songs, including several “Frozen” videos that have taken the internet by storm.

Their top-viewed video, a cover of “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?” was published in March 2014 and has more than 349,700,000 views. Sisters Mia and Ari Bagley play and sing Anna in the video.

Total channel views: 1.1 billion

What’s Inside

Kaysville residents and father-and-son team Daniel and Lincoln Markham keep it pretty simple with their channel: They cut open random things to see what's inside.

They’ve cut open a wasp nest, an Etch A Sketch, a fidget spinner and more, with their most popular video on YouTube — with 77,610,000 views — showing them cutting open a rattlesnake rattle.

Total channel views: 637 million


Staceyplays' creator lives in “the mountains of Utah,” according to her YouTube channel, and posts videos of her adventures on Minecraft with her dogs Page, Molly and Polly, and her cat Milquetoast.

Her top-viewed video, “We’re Mermaids! — The Candy Isle (Ep. 1),” was posted in March 2015, has 3,053,000 views and features mermaid-themed Minecraft scenes.

Total channel views: 558 million

Ellie and Jared

Logan-based husband and wife Ellie and Jared Mecham longed to have children but faced infertility for three years, a journey they shared with others on their YouTube channel. After going through infertility treatments, they were able to have a son, followed by another son shortly after, who they conceived without any treatments. They now share videos of day-to-day life with their family.

Their most viewed video has 14,473,000 views and shows Ellie taking their son Jackson to the doctor to have a spider bite checked out.

Total channel views: 477 million

Other channels appearing at CVX Live with billions of YouTube views include Bratayley, which has more than 2.6 billion views; Kids Try, the group behind Superhero Reality TV with more than 1.4 billion views; and Cute Girls Hairstyles, with more than 1 billion views.