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Lake Powell microburst injures 3; sinks powerboats, jet skis

PAGE, Ariz. — A sudden, powerful downward gust of wind swamped or sank dozens of powerboats and jet skis Thursday at Lake Powell along the Arizona-Utah border.

Authorities say at least three people were injured about 1 p.m. A 60-year-old woman sustained a severe arm injury that required amputation.

They say a 57-year-old woman suffered head and hip injuries while another person had a dislocated shoulder.

The National Weather Service says the 56 mph microburst swept through the region in about a minute accompanied by rain showers.

Page police Lt. Larry Jones says the wind knocked down trees across the city, and damaged some fencing, roofing and signs.

At Lake Powell, authorities say helicopters transported people off the lake after several called for help.

Mary Plumb, spokeswoman for Glen Canyon National Recreation area, said everyone had been pulled from the water and crews would continue to survey damage Friday.

Plumb urged safety on the water, saying the forecast called for more unsettled weather.