SALT LAKE CITY — Nora, a polar bear from the Oregon Zoo, has arrived at Utah’s Hogle Zoo, according to a post on the zoo’s Facebook page.

“You cannot see her yet, but we are happy to report that polar bear, Nora, arrived and is safe and sound,” the post said. “She walked out of her crate and began exploring her back holding area, including taking a big dip in her pool!”

Nora, who born at Ohio’s Columbus Zoo on Nov. 6, 2015, will soon be joined by Hope, who was born at Ohio’s Toledo Zoo on Dec. 3, 2015. The bears come the Hogle Zoo following the death of Rizzo, who was euthanized in April due to ongoing complications from kidney failure.

According to the Facebook post, Nora is “adjusting nicely,” eating and getting to know her keepers.

The post notes that Nora won’t be able to greet visitors until quarantine period is over. There was no mention in the post about when Hope will arrive at the zoo.