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New Goodwill outlet opens in Salt Lake City

SHARE New Goodwill outlet opens in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY — For thrifty shoppers seeking a steal, Salt Lake shoppers now have a place to buy dressers, tables and other furniture for less than $10.

During the new Goodwill outlet store's opening on Thursday, a crowd rifled through goods, their carts filled with items of "extremely steep" discounts, said Jason Asher, director of retail product and logistics for the store.

"People will find an amazing treasure hunt shopping experience," Asher said.

In its 10,000 square feet of warehouse-style space at 1850 W. 1500 South, the store sells items including clothing, hard goods and books by the pound. It also offers individually priced items like furniture, appliances and sporting equipment.

"For someone struggling to get their first furniture, for refugee populations and other groups, we are selling extremely discounted items," Asher said, motioning at a lineup of useable furniture.

The store will add new bins of merchandise every day, store officials said. Clothing and hard goods are priced at less than $2 per pound, and books go for well under $1 per pound.

"I challenge you to find where you could buy that much clothing for that small a price," Asher said.

The other 50,000 square feet of the warehouse houses "recycling, a shopgoodwill.com e-commerce site and warehouse space," according to store officials.

Goodwill recycles single shoes, textiles and anything unsellable that can be repurposed.

Each independently run Goodwill agency promotes the idea of "a hand up and not a handout," Asher said. "It's also a good employment opportunity. We have over four first languages represented within our facility here, where we can work with people, teaching them critical job skills."

The store's manager, Armando Macias, started in the store as a donation attendant and worked his way up to a driver, then to an assistant manager. Now, he manages the facility, Asher said.

Additionally, all employees in the store work full time and receive benefits. "For many individuals, it is a unique experience," he added.