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Utah's homicides victims in 2017

A look at the dozens of Utah homicide victims during 2017.
A look at the dozens of Utah homicide victims during 2017.

1. SOUTH SALT LAKE, Jan. 8 — Micheal Green, 36, of Farmington, was killed after three people fleeing from police in an allegedly stolen SUV crashed into his car near 2500 S. State, throwing him from the vehicle. The driver, Kenneth Ross Gray, 25, is charged with murder. Police say he had taken meth just before driving the car. Alleged motive: Recklessness, drugs Method: Car crash

2. WEST VALLEY CITY, Jan. 13 — Police say Louann M. Anderton, 48, was shot by her husband, Nolan Lee Anderton, 47, of West Valley City, in an argument in a business parking lot at 4900 W. South Frontage Road before turning the gun on himself. The two were pronounced dead at a hospital hours later. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

3. OGDEN, Jan. 22 — Ernest Pepe Martinez, 32, of Ogden, was shot multiple times in a vehicle parked at SNS Quick Stop, 110 Patterson Ave. Thomas "T.J." Lovato, 19, is charged with murder. Police say he narrowly missed two other occupants when he fired on Martinez. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

4, 5. WEST VALLEY CITY, Jan. 24 — Police say Michael Gregory Vandemerwe, 24, shot his father, Gregory Vandemerwe, 46, and his grandmother, Elaine Manning, 67, in their home, 3995 S. 1500 West. Gregory Vandemerwe was pronounced dead at the scene and Manning died two weeks later, on Feb. 8. Police say Vandemerwe's grandfather suffered multiple stab wounds but survived. Vandemerwe is charged with two counts of aggravated murder. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

6. LAYTON, Jan. 29— Bryan Brooks, 19, of Ogden, was shot in the head near Chapel Park, 152 E. 900 South, during what police say was a marijuana deal. Boston Crookston, 20, and Isaac Cain Lee Valdez, 19, both of Layton, are charged with murder. Alleged motive: Drugs, robbery Method: Shooting

7. MAGNA, Feb. 16 — Tristen Mogadam, 18, of Magna, was shot and killed outside his residence at 3231 S. 8820 West. Isaac Nacdaniel Patton, 18, of Salt Lake City, is charged with murdering Mogadam after a marijuana deal. Patton, who was 17 at the time, said he was a gang member and believed Mogadam was in a rival gang, charges state. Alleged motive: Drugs, robbery, gangs Method: Shooting

8. SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 17 — Melvin Dyer, 51, of West Valley City, was shot in the chest when police say Brody Olson, 37, and Tonita Holland, 39, attempted to steal drugs from an apartment at 1930 S. West Temple. Olson pleaded guilty to murder and Holland admitted to manslaughter. Motive: Drugs, robbery Method: Shooting

9. OGDEN, Feb. 21 — Bartolo Justice Sambrano, 25, of Salt Lake City, was shot and killed by two officers patrolling the parking structure at the Junction complex, 313 E. 23rd St., when the officers said Sambrano pointed a gun at them. The officers, who have not been identified, were cleared in an Ogden Police Department internal investigation and were allowed to return to work. The Weber County Attorney's Office is still investigating whether the shooting was legally justified. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

10. ROY, Feb. 21 — Nicolas Sanchez, 38, of Layton, was shot and killed by police officers after they were called to a trespassing incident at a Texaco station, 4395 S. 1900 West. Two officers confronted Sanchez and spotted a gun, then chased him across the parking lot. As one officer struggled with Sanchez on the ground, the other fired. The officer on the ground also fired at Sanchez. Sixteen shots were fired. The actions of the officers, Cash Ricks and Robert Jackson, were determined to be legally justified. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

11. ARAGONITE, Tooele County, Feb. 26 — Barry Michael Zumwalt, 36, of West Valley City, was shot and killed near the Clean Harbors Incineration Facility, 11600 N. Aptus Road, by Tooele County sheriff's deputy Derek Brummel and Utah Highway Patrol trooper Chad McCoy. Zumwalt was reportedly making threats to run his truck into propane tanks and told officers to let his wife out of the building, even though she was not there. Police said Zumwalt had a history of mental illness and pointed a rifle and a handgun at officers. The shooting was later found to be legally justified. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

12. PROVO, March 13 — Gustavo Ramirez, 24, of Provo, was shot and killed inside his home, 71 N. 400 West during what prosecutors allege was a gang-related robbery. Jesse William Gourdin, 22, is charged with aggravated murder and Brayden Kenneth Marshall, 19, is charged with murder. Maria Guadalupe Hernandez, 19, and Jerry Otis Hawley, 35, were charged with murder and pleaded guilty to lesser offenses. Alleged motive: Robbery, gangs Method: Shooting

13. BENJAMIN, Utah County, March 24 — Salt Lake County Sheriff's Sgt. Chad Elwood Conrad, 42, was shot multiple times in his sleep by his nephew inside a home they shared with other family near 7600 South and 1800 West. Damon Brian Bushman, 23, then turned the gun on himself. A post on Bushman's Facebook page alluded to his frustration and anger with family members. Motive: Anger, domestic Method: Shooting

14. SALT LAKE CITY, March 30 — Puleaga Danny Tupu, 33, of West Valley City, was shot and killed when police say he and another man broke into an apartment at Park Place at City Center, 731 S. 300 East. The other man was also shot multiple times but survived. The shooting by Stewart Alexander Sant was ruled to be in self-defense. However, police say Sant was dealing drugs out of the apartment and was restricted from owning a firearm. He was sent to prison for drug distribution. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting

15. MT. PLEASANT, Sanpete County, March 31 — Kammy Edmunds, 34, of Mt. Pleasant, died after police say her fiance, Anthony Jeffery Christensen, 36, hit her in the head. Court documents allege Christensen tried to stage Edmunds' death as a drunk driving accident. He told police he passed out while drinking with his fiancee, then awoke to find her bruised and bloody in the bathroom of their home, 68 E. 300 North. Edmunds' car was found crashed in Pleasant Creek. Family and friends of Edmunds say Christensen had abused her. Christensen is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Unknown domestic Method: Assault

16. TAYLORSVILLE, April 3 — Maria Alegandra Ayala, 19, of West Valley City, was shot in the head and killed while driving near an apartment complex at 1090 W. 3990 South. Four teenagers were detained for questioning. Investigators believe at least three of the four teens are documented gang members and that Ayala and the teens were associates. No charges have been filed. Motive: Unknown, gangs Method: Shooting

17. SOUTH SALT LAKE, April 16 — Matthew Holt, 46, of South Jordan, was shot in his car during a robbery on Easter Sunday near 3200 S. 900 West. Jeffery Ray Shepherd, 36, pleaded guilty to murder. Police said Shepherd demanded money from Holt, then shot him. Motive: Robbery Method: Shooting

18. CEDAR CITY, April 17 — Police say that Gaej Dia, who was 14 months old, died of brain injuries she sustained while in the care of her mother, Cherokee May Dea, 24, and the woman's boyfriend, Brendan Russell Dalton, 30, at Dalton's home, 1905 N. 550 West. Police say the couple was likely in an argument during that time. Dea and Dalton are each charged with murder. Police also say the baby had morphine in her system and the couple admitted to regular drug use. Alleged motive: Unknown domestic Method: Abuse

19. PAYSON, May 5 — Police say Tyerell Przybycien, 18, helped Jchandra Brown, 16, of Spanish Fork, hang herself near Maple Lake, including recording the girl on her cellphone. Prosecutors charged Przybycien with murder saying the girl wouldn't have died without his help. Alleged motive: Suicide assist Method: Hanging

20. HUNTSVILLE, Weber County, May 10 — Roger Haven, 69, of Huntsville, died after police say his stepson, David Erekson, 43, stabbed him multiple times in the home they shared at 7409 W. 400 South. Haven's wife also suffered substantial injuries. Erekson is charged with murder. Haven told the court in a previous case that Erekson is mentally ill. Alleged motive: Domestic, possible mental illness Method: Stabbing

21. ANETH, San Juan County, May 18 — William Nakai, 46, was shot and killed when he accused Fernando Hill, 29, of involvement with his wife, according to the Navajo Times. The U.S. Attorney's Office, which screens cases for incidents occuring on tribal lands, will not file charges in the death but declined to specify why. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

22. WEST VALLEY CITY, May 30 — Fernando Aranda, 16, of Kearns, was shot and killed near 4700 W. Thayn Drive following an argument between two groups of people. There have been no arrests made and no suspects named. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

23. WEST VALLEY CITY, June 5 — Kathie Thomas, 64, of West Valley City, died in a fire at 6946 W. Bonnie Arlene Drive deliberately set by her daughter, Loralie Thomas, 46, who also went by Loralie Querbach. Another occupant said the two had been in an argument a week earlier and the daughter threatened to burn down the house. She was charged with aggravated murder but later took her own life in the Salt Lake County Jail. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Arson

24, 25. SANDY, June 6, — Memorez Rackley, 39, of Sandy, and her 6-year-old son, Jase Rackley, were shot and killed by Jeremy Patterson, 32, near the corner of Alta Canyon Drive and Snowville Drive as they were walking through their neighborhood after school. Police say Rackley had a relationship with Patterson. Patterson also shot and injured Rackley's 11-year-old son and the 8-year-old daughter of a woman who attempted to help the family, then turned the gun on himself. Social media posts revealed that Patterson made threats toward the woman for keeping their relationship a secret. Motive: Domestic Method: Shooting

26. WEST VALLEY CITY, June 7 — Police say Jeremy Hardman, 47, of West Valley City, was deliberately run over by Aaron Hosman, 40, after Hardman confronted Hosman about "being rough with a dog" near 4100 South and 3600 West. Hosman drove off, then allegedly returned and hit Hardman. Hosman is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Anger Method: Vehicle

27. MURRAY, June 11 — Thomas Dunn, 58, of Murray, was shot and killed in an argument with his neighbor, Carl Johnson, 56, at their apartment complex, 4865 S. State. Charges say the two were drinking and arguing, and when the fight was over, Johnson walked up an outdoor staircase to his apartment and returned a few minutes later with a gun. Johnson is accused of shooting Dunn in the back and kicking him repeatedly in the face. He is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

28. ADAMSVILLE, Beaver County, June 17 — Tom Nickells, 76, called police reporting he had killed his wife, Sandra Nickells, 73, because of her Alzheimer's disease and saying he would be dead by the time they arrived. Police found the two shot dead at their home, 417 W. Main. Motive: Domestic, health Method: Shooting

29. ANETH, San Juan County, June 20 — Eli Ray Poowegup, 38, died after being stabbed with a knife on the Uintah-Ouray Indian Reservation. Deland Anston Cornpeach, 19, is charged in federal court with murder in the second degree while within Indian country. Motive: Unknown Method: Stabbing

30. TAYLORSVILLE, June 22 — Fransiska Dastrup, 49, rammed her car head-on into 47-year-old Richelle Horsley's vehicle before getting out and shooting her multiple times near 2524 Hard Rock Drive. Dastrup then shot herself. Police say the pair had a history of domestic violence and were in the process of separating. Horsley and another woman had filed protective orders against Dastrup. Motive: Domestic Method: Shooting

31. WEST JORDAN, June 28 — Jill Lloyd, 36, of West Jordan, was stopped in her car at a busy intersection of 7800 S. 2700 West when a man she'd had a relationship with, Andrew Jed Larsen, 33, got out of his truck, walked up and shot her. Police later found Larsen dead near Dugway of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Friends say the two had a child together and were battling over custody. Motive: Domestic Method: Shooting

32. CENTERVILLE, July 4 — Cody Ray McCray, 32, of West Bountiful, was shot and killed by police following a chase in a car he stole from his girlfriend. After several pursuits through the morning, officers spiked McCray's tires on Legacy Highway near the Parrish Lane exit. McCray rammed an officer's car and a Utah Highway Patrol trooper, who has not been identified, shot him while he was still in the vehicle, killing him. The Davis County Attorney's Office is still investigating whether the shooting was legally justified. Motive: Likely self-defense Method: Shooting

33. OGDEN, July 6 — Angelina Costello, 3, of Ogden, was found dead after police say her parents cruelly abused her and left her severely malnourished. When police were called to a residence in the 2800 block of Grant Avenue on a report the girl wasn't breathing, officers reported the girl's body was cold with a thin layer of makeup applied in an apparent attempt to cover burns, bruises and lacerations. Brenda Emile, 23, and Miller Costello, 25, are charged with aggravated murder. Police say videos show the parents taunting the girl with food, then withdrawing it and disciplining her. Alleged motive: Unknown domestic Method: Abuse

34. WEST VALLEY CITY, July 9 — Jason Bull, 35, of West Valley City, was shot multiple times following a fight in a backyard with two other men at 4274 W. 4695 South. Marshall Herron, 36, called 911 saying Bull had shot his friend in a fight, so he "took care of him" and shot Bull 14 times, according to charges. Witnesses said Herron retrieved a gun inside the house and shot Bull between two and five minutes after the first shooting. Herron is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Retaliation Method: Shooting

35. MAGNA, July 16 — Paige Espinoza, 25, of Murray, died when she was shot through a basement window while visiting her boyfriend at 8360 W. Mix Ave. The suspected gunman, Gino James Cecala, 46, fled and was arrested in December in Dallas. Cecala had been in a fight with Espinoza's boyfriend at the time of the shooting and threatened to kill the couple, police say. Cecala is charged with murder, accused of firing at least 15 rounds into the window. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

36. SALT LAKE CITY, July 16 — Nancy May, 55, was found dead inside her Sugar House home, 1641 E. Wasatch Circle. Police believe May was strangled by her husband, Mark May, 64, who then took his own life by hanging. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Strangulation

37. SALT LAKE CITY, July 25 — Kepedro Kegler, 42, allegedly used a 53-pound paving stone to attack several people sleeping under an overpass at 550 W. 500 South and assault another man at 471 W. 500 South. Police say he then came up behind Kevin Joseph McCann, 55, and threw the paving stone into the unsuspecting man's head, then grabbed another stone and continued to hit him. McCann died of his injuries. Kegler is charged with aggravated murder. Police were investigating whether mental illness was a factor. Motive: Possible mental illness Method: Assault

38. SALT LAKE CITY, July 26 — Shawn Manymules, 26, was shot and killed on the west side of Pioneer Park near 400 West and 300 South. Police say he was a documented gang member and they are still looking for a suspect. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

39. DUCHESNE, Aug. 2 — Police say Guy Wells Mecham, 51, was shot in the back by his girlfriend, Stephanie Dawn Payan, 41, after Mecham told Payan he was leaving her and the two got into an argument at their home, 683 E. 300 North. Payan is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Domestic Method: Shooting

40. WEST VALLEY CITY, Aug. 3 — Romeo Rodriguez, 14, of Salt Lake City, was shot and killed while sitting in the back seat of a pickup truck with several others near 1370 W. 3670 South, when the group encountered a trio of young men on bicycles, possible rival gang members. As the truck drove away, one of the juveniles fired, hitting Rodriguez in the head, according to charges. Frank Tsinnijinnie, 18, is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Gangs Method: Shooting

41. SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 3 — Benjamin Moncada-Rivas, 32, was walking in a crosswalk at 501 W. 200 South in the Rio Grande neighborhood when Oscar Armando Carrillo Flores, 23, came up behind him and shot him six times, according to police. Carrillo Flores allegedly ran, ditched his clothing and sat down with a group of people, where he was arrested. He is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

42. OGDEN, Aug. 13 — Maria Sanchez, 47, was shot while sleeping in a house at 314 28th St. when at least seven bullets were fired at the home. Daniel Garcia and Tre'von Jordan Zamora, both 16, are both charged as adults with murder. Garcia told detectives that he, Zamora and a third boy had "discussed shooting up the house," according to charges. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

43. SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 13 — Patrick Harmon, 50, was shot and killed near 1000 S. State by Salt Lake police officer Clinton Fox after Harmon threatened to "cut you" while holding a knife and facing three nearby officers, according to investigators. Fox fired three times, killing Harmon. The shooting was found to be legally justified. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

44. KEARNS, Aug. 19 — Will Ryan, 17, was standing in front of his house, 8037 W. 3380 South, when he was killed during a drive-by shooting. A second 19-year-old man was also injured in the gunfire. The alleged driver, Javier Saldana-Ibarra, who was 17 at the time, is charged with murder. Witnesses said Saldana-Ibarra turned off his headlights and drove slowly past Ryan's house as two males with handguns and a third male with a shotgun fired six to 10 shots out the windows. Motive: Gangs Method: Shooting

45. WEST VALLEY CITY, Aug. 20 — Miraheta Skender, 49, and Samir Skender, 51, were found dead in their home, 3171 S. Ivy Park Drive, when their adult daughter was awakened by a loud bang. Police believe Samir Skender shot and killed his wife before taking his own life. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

46. WHITEROCKS, Uintah County, Aug. 23 — Sukakee Manyhides, 20, of Fort Duchesne, was found shot to death on the Uintah-Ouray Reservation. Investigators identified Zhondee Spring Nephi, 30, and Drew Black, 33, as persons of interest at the time. No charges have been filed. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

47. SPANISH FORK, Aug. 24 — Robin Nichols, 35, died after her husband, Curtis Nichols, 36, called police reporting he had found her unconscious in their home, 952 E. 1050 South. An autopsy determined she had been strangled or smothered. When they arrested him the next day, officers noted Nichols had an injury on his forehead, which he appeared to be hiding under a hat, and scratch marks on his face and arms. He is charged with murder. Police say he may have been researching criminal defense strategies before her death. Alleged motive: Unknown domestic Method: Strangulation

48. MIDVALE, Aug. 26 — Jordan Burtell Moulton, 21, was found shot to death in a yard near 142 W. Columbia Drive. A gun was located under his body and police initially believed he shot himself, but later determined it was "definitely a homicide." No arrests have been made. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

49. AMERICAN FORK, Sept. 1 — Brandon Bourgeois, 47, died from injuries allegedly suffered during an Aug. 27 fight with his stepson, Jace T. Zeeman, 27, of South Jordan. Police say an intoxicated Zeeman got into a fight with his wife that morning and his mother picked him up. Another fight erupted in American Fork, 320 E. 400 North, after Zeeman stepped in between his mom and Bourgeois. Zeeman’s brother and mother were unable to stop him from assaulting his stepfather, charges say. Zeeman, who police say has military training in hand-to-hand combat, is charged with manslaughter. Alleged motive: Anger, domestic Method: Assault

50. WEST JORDAN, Sept. 4 — Archer Sullivan, who was 13 days old, suffered severe abuse and had dropped from weighing 5 pounds at birth to 4 pounds when he died. Maria Elena Sullivan, 26, and boyfriend, Dylan James Kitzmiller, 21, are charged with murder in the death of Sullivan's baby. Kitzmiller would get angry about the baby's crying, grab him by the shoulder and throw him in the air, or would bite or slap him, charges say. Sullivan was aware of the injuries, prosecutors say, but continued leaving the baby in Kitzmiller's care and never sought medical care. Police responding to 9211 S. Wights Fort Road found the baby in full arrest with bruising around his eyes, ears, left arm and shoulder, bottom lip and chin. Kitzmiller and Sullivan each told police that the other person was using heroin daily. Alleged motive: Anger, drugs, domestic Method: Abuse

51. ROY, Sept. 7 — Matthew Daniel Graves, 23, is charged with aggravated murder in the death of his infant son, 1-month-old Brayden Graves. The father allegedly told police he became enraged over the baby's crying and punched the boy repeatedly. Graves "blacked out from rage" while beating Brayden in their home, 4447 S. 1950 West, according to charges. The baby died of numerous, serious injuries, including "profound brain trauma." Alleged motive: Anger, domestic Method: Abuse

52. MAGNA, Sept. 8 — Police say Jose Francisco Hernandez, 44, believed Eugene Rowland, 29, had burglarized his home, leading Hernandez to track Rowland down and stab him to death. Hernandez ran up to Rowland at a Shell gas station, 7210 W. 3500 South, told him "I'll kill you," and stabbed him three times in the back with a kitchen knife, according to charges. Hernandez is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Retaliation Method: Stabbing

53, 54. KEARNS, Sept. 19 — Bystanders Tami Lynn Woodard, 50, and Lloyd Everett Pace, 55, both of Kearns, were killed as a group fled the scene of a drive-by shooting at 5240 W. 5391 South. Woodward and Pace were in their Toyota Yaris when a fleeing pickup truck slammed into them. Argenis Daniel Ramirez Saedt, 20; Jose Luis Muñoz-Lugo, 24; Jose Humberto Mancia, 17; and Rosalio Andres Alvarez, 20, are each charged with two counts of murder. All four are documented gang members. Alleged motive: Recklessness, gangs Method: Car crash

55. GARDEN CITY, Rich County, Sept. 24 — Rick Bywater, 53, was killed when police say two people he was attacking shot him in self-defense at the Sweetwater Camper Trailer Park. Following a rant on social media, Bywater crashed his car into the trailer at 3079 Spoke Way belonging to April Carnahan, 61, and Michael Carnahan, 72, and began shooting at the couple, police say. The couple fired back, killing Bywater. No charges are being filed in the shooting death. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting

56. WENDOVER, Sept. 27 — Baylie Rutherford, 17 months old, died in her Wendover home at 571 S. Red Cedar Way. She had been taken from parents after her birth by the state due to drug use, but was returned 33 days earlier, charges say. Police were alarmed at the “detestable condition” of the home and the bruising and “obvious injury” to the child. Mother April Dawn Carter, 28, is charged with aggravated murder. Father Nicholas Rutherford, 30, is charged with obstructing justice. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Abuse

57. SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 28 — Michael Bruce Peterson, 39, was shot and killed by Salt Lake police officer Gregory Lovell. Investigators say Peterson was erratic and aggressive when he trespassed in a salon and inappropriately grabbed a woman, then assaulted another officer who found him nearby and followed him to a Maverik convenience store at 508 E. 300 South. Lovell arrived as Peterson was beating the officer with his own baton, and shot and killed Peterson when he turned on Lovell as well. The shooting was found to be legally justified. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

58. SANTAQUIN, Oct. 7 — Deryk Lowe, 15, was accidentally shot and killed in his home, 440 E. Main, when his brother, Devyn Lowe, 23, took a 9 mm handgun out of a backpack believing it was unloaded and the gun discharged. No charges were filed in he shooting. Motive: Accident Method: Shooting

59. OGDEN, Oct. 21 — Police say the death of Adalberto Farias-Diaz, 25, in a shootout with another man may have been self-defense. Farias-Diaz and the gunman, who knew each other prior to the shooting, were at a home at 881 27th St. with several other people when they got into a verbal argument, which escalated to a gunfight, according to police. The name of the gunman has not been released and no charges have been filed. The case was sent to the Weber County Attorney's Office for review. Motive: Possible self-defense Method: Shooting

60. KEARNS, Oct. 22 — The body of Joshua Belen, 20, who was homeless, was found in a parking lot parking lot of the Olympic Oval, 5662 Cougar Lane, after neighbors reported gunshots in the area. The shooting remains under investigation. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

61. MURRAY, Oct. 25 — Ever Hernandez, 33, was sitting in his car in the parking lot of Check City, 98 E. 4500 South, when Lucas Marc Deprey, 19 walked up to the car, opened the front passenger door, leaned in and shot him, according to police. Deprey was later arrested in Oregon and is charged with murder. Investigators say the dispute was drug related. Alleged motive: Drugs Method: Shooting

62. SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 30 — University of Utah student ChenWei Guo, 23, was shot in an attempted carjacking near the mouth of Red Butte Canyon. Austin "AJ" Boutain, 24, was camping in the foothills above the U. with his wife after coming to Utah from Golden, Colorado, and the couple was plotting to kidnap or kill someone in order to get a car, charges say. Boutain is charged with aggravated murder. Kathleen Boutain, 23, is charged with criminal solicitation and theft. The couple is also accused of killing a man in Colorado. Alleged motive: Robbery Method: Shooting

63. WILLARD, Nov. 1 — The body of Cody D. Henderson, 27, of Ohio, was found in the garage of Chay Lance Blair, 25, at 435 S. Main. Police say Henderson had been tied up with ropes and beaten. Blair was arrested following a chase in Idaho and charged with murder and desecration of a body. Motive: Unknown Method: Assault

64. WEST JORDAN, Nov. 1 — Dan Zuniga-Guzman, 22, was found shot to death in the street near 6725 S. 4880 West. Jesus Molina, 23, and his girlfriend, Breaaunah Huff, 22, were driving in a car with Zuniga-Guzman when Zuniga-Guzman spoke disrespectfully of Huff and Molina shot him, charges say. The couple fled and were later arrested in Mexico. Molina is charged with murder and Huff is charged with obstructing justice. Alleged motive: Retaliation Method: Shooting

65. PARK CITY, Nov. 2 — Keri "KC" McClanahan, 28, of Glendale, Arizona, was found dead at the Park Regency Resort, 1710 Prospector Ave., after her husband, who was crawling on the ground outside, flagged down a police officer saying he and his wife had been attacked by men with a knife, police say. Ex-pro footballer Anthony McClanahan, 46, is charged with murder, accused of stabbing his wife repeatedly in the neck. He was in Utah after police say he picked up his son from a previous relationship and refused to give the boy back, eventually making his way to Salt Lake City where he was arrested. Alleged motive: Unknown domestic Method: Stabbing

66, 67. HOLLADAY, Nov. 4 — Robert John Liddiard, 51, is accused of stabbing and killing his parents, Robert Liddiard, 85, and Diane Liddiard, 78, at their home, 4690 S. Kelly Circle. Their bodies were found when their daughter called the house to check on them and the younger Robert Liddiard answered, saying he had killed their parents. Family members say he had been battling mental illness. He is charged with two counts of aggravated murder. Alleged motive: Domestic, possible mental illness Method: Stabbing

68. WEST POINT, Nov. 5 — Colby Scott Barney, 30, of Salt Lake City, was shot during a fight in the home of Robin William "RJ" Lundin, 3275 W. 438 North. Barney slashed Lundin, 29, in the face with a razor blade and was "surrendering" when Lundin retrieved a gun from another room and shot Barney in the chest, according to police. Lundin told police he had been drinking heavily. He is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

69, 70, 71. MAPLETON, Utah County, Nov, 10 — Timothy Griffith, 45, shot his wife, Jessica Griffith, 42; his stepdaughter, Samantha Badel, 16; and his son, Alexandre Griffith, 5, before taking a different gun and shooting himself. He also killed the family dog. Their bodies were found in their home, 1502 N. Highway 89, after a concerned neighbor called police because the family hadn't been seen for a few days. The family moved to Utah from Switzerland four months earlier for Timothy Griffith's job. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

72. SANDY, Nov. 20 — Michael Hoffman Jr., 44, was found in the front yard of a home near 1300 East and 8000 South near some garbage cans. Hoffman did not live at the home but was a friend of someone who rented there, police said. The case is being treated as a homicide but no cause of death has been released. Police said they wanted to question the men living in the house. Motive: Unknown Method: Unknown

73. SUNSET, Nov. 21 — Hunter Woodson, 19, was shot and killed by Seth Carreras, 15, when Woodsen tried to sell him spices instead of marijuana during a drug deal, according to police. The shooting occurred in the bedroom of Woodson's Sunset home, 1331 N. 400 West. Carreras is charged as an adult with murder. Alleged motive: Drugs Method: Shooting

74. SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 28 — Mechelle Lindberg, 25, of Pleasant Grove, was found shot in the head in a room at the Gateway Inn, 819 W. North Temple. Joshua Valasi Saunders, 37, is charged with murder. Surveillance video recorded Saunders and Lindberg allegedly entering the motel room 22 minutes apart. Just 23 minutes after that, Saunders and another man are seen leaving the room "and appear to be visibly shaken," charges state. Police say there was no known dispute or argument prior to the shooting. Investigators are looking at drugs and mental illness as possible factors. Motive: Possible drugs or mental illness Method: Shooting

75. OGDEN, Nov. 30 — Brian Sean Housely, 28, of Ogden, died three days after he was shot. Police responded to a call of shots fired near the 900 block of 16th Street. on Nov. 27. They found Housely shot in the head and people were seen fleeing the area at a high rate of speed. No arrests have been made. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

76. CLEARFIELD, Dec. 2 — Police say Clint Corydon Nokes, 19, repeatedly abused his 7-week-old son, Hudson Nokes, between Nov. 26 and Dec. 1, fatally injuring the boy. Police were dispatched to 163 S. 1450 West on a report that Nokes had been trying to burp the baby when the infant went limp and stopped breathing. When interviewed by police, Nokes allegedly said "he was tired of the baby crying and he finally 'exploded.'" Nokes told police he would get frustrated and "chuck" the infant onto the couch. Nokes is charged with aggravated murder. Alleged motive: Anger, domestic Method: Abuse

77. SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 2 — Linton Livingston, 67, died 17 days after police say his neighbor stabbed him 12 times in the neck and head with a pair of scissors on Nov. 15. Dyann Mariel Hernandez, 23, is accused of walking out of her own home and attacking Livingston as he stood on his front porch in the 800 block of Arapahoe Avenue. Hernandez is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown Method: Stabbing

78. TAYLORSVILLE, Dec. 10 — Toussaint "TJ" L'Ouverture Tyler Jr., 30, was shot inside his apartment near 742 W. Sunny River Road. Police say a woman knocked on Tyler's door while two men hid around a corner. When Tyler opened the door, the men forced their way in. Court documents say the men terrorized the people in the apartment, including Tyler's 4-year-old son, before shooting Tyler and fleeting. Tonita Vianay Rico, 49, who also goes by the name Tonita Espinoza, told police a man she knew as "Kane" had her knock on Tyler's door because Tyler owed the man money. Police investigating the shooting found a large safe, cash and "a large quantity of marijuana" in the home. Rico is charged with murder, while "Kane," who was identified as Shaun Eugene Fleming, 36, was charged with aggravated murder. The second man has not been identified. Alleged motive: Retaliation Method: Shooting

79. BALLARD, Uintah County, Dec. 10 — Marley Parrish, 2, was killed in an accidental shooting in her Ballard home. Police say a gun from a hunting trip had been brought into the house and leaned against a wall. When the girl and other siblings were cleaning up toys, an older sibling was moving the gun to another location when it discharged and hit her. An investigation is ongoing. Motive: Accidental Method: Shooting

80. MAGNA, Dec. 31 — Madison Clark, 9, was shot by her mother in the Magna home they shared at 2665 S. 8990 West. Karina Clark, 41, then turn the gun on herself. Their bodies were discovered New Year’s Eve after a neighbor asked officers to perform a welfare check. Police say they had been dead for a week and possibly longer. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting