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The Clean Cut: 'Studio C' taps into the pain of leaving voice mails in latest skit

"Studio C's" Jason Gray in the sketch "Leave a Message."
"Studio C's" Jason Gray in the sketch "Leave a Message."
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SALT LAKE CITY — We've all been there: A beep sounds in our ear and suddenly, we have to come up with something to say into the phone that doesn't sound … too awkward.

The BYUtv comedy sketch show "Studio C" shows just how awkward those messages can be — as well as how good its cast member, Jason Gray, is at impressions in a recent post to its YouTube channel. Watch him run through roughly a dozen in about three minutes in the sketch titled "Leave a Message."

"Studio C" posted the video on Jan. 19, and it already has over 400,000 views. You can watch the video here.

The Clean Cut is a regular feature that highlights family friendly videos.