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New videos introduce basic LDS beliefs in 60 seconds

"When You Struggle as a Parent, Remember to Love" is one of seven new videos on
"When You Struggle as a Parent, Remember to Love" is one of seven new videos on
Youtube screenshot released seven new one-minute videos on Tuesday about topics such as parenting, family prayer and basic beliefs of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In one of the videos, members of the LDS Church from various backgrounds describe what Mormons believe in three words or less. “Agency,” “making mistakes,” “inspiration” and “being good” are just a few of the many phrases they use.

In another video, a Mormon mom talks about her struggles with parenting and how she remembers to follow the example of the way God interacts with his children.

“I’m so grateful that God gives me second chances and that he says, ‘It’s OK you messed up. You can try over again’ and I do that with my kids and we’re in this never-ending cycle of loving, teaching, forgiving and starting over again,” she said.

Another LDS mom explains the value in taking advantage of small “20-second” teaching moments that may happen while riding in the car or tucking her kids in for bed.

In other videos, Mormon couples talk about how prayer has strengthened their family and helped their children become more confident, humble and mindful of others.

Several members of the LDS Church explain how they feel about their Savior and who he is to each of them in another video while adults and children of all ages share their experiences with the Bible in another.

Visit and watch more videos on the YouTube channel.