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BYUtv's sci-fi series 'Extinct' won't be renewed for a second season

Yorke Fryer, Victoria Atkin and Chad Michael Collins star in BYUtv's second original scripted series, "Extinct."
Yorke Fryer, Victoria Atkin and Chad Michael Collins star in BYUtv's second original scripted series, "Extinct."
Provided by BYUtv

SALT LAKE CITY — BYUtv’s original scripted science fiction series “Extinct” won’t be back next season, the station said in a statement.

“Since the season finale in November, many of you have inquired about a second season of ‘Extinct,’” according to BYUtv. “This is a decision we have carefully considered since this breakout series launched earlier last year. As with any program or series on BYUtv, decisions like this are difficult, and never made without considerable analysis. After much discussion and debate, we have decided to not renew 'Extinct' for a second season.”

“Extinct” tells the story of the human race rebuilding itself after four hundred years of extinction. “Ender’s Game” author Orson Scott Card and New York Times best-selling author Aaron Johnston created the series.

The show followed the lives of characters Ezra, Feena and Abram, all of whom who have been resorted to their prime years to bring back the human race.

The show aired 10 episodes last fall in its first and only season.

BYUtv's statement said that unlike national television networks which base their decisions on ratings and audience size, “we as a non-profit, cause-based network have the luxury of using broader, more qualitative data points. For example, we weigh the content and message of the series itself, its resonance with fans, its uniqueness in the TV landscape and ultimately its ability to live up to our strategic aims as a content source that connects with families,” the statement read.

“Extinct” developed a supportive following among post-apocalyptic fans. In fact, Post Apocalyptic Media said the show deserved to be renewed for a second season after its stellar first year.

“Extinct” was the second original show to come out of the Provo university’s television studios. Most of the episodes were filmed at the LDS Motion Picture Studio near BYU, as well as locations in Utah, according to Paste magazine.

Ryan Holmes, BYUtv’s director of technology and digital distribution, said the show was intended for family friendly audiences.

“Certainly, the (Latter Day Saints) audience is part of our audience, but it’s not the entire audience,” he told Paste magazine. “Our target is people of all faiths, of all races, of all genders, who are seeking family friendly, values-based content. Where the content is safe, but it’s not corny.”