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7 things to clean before the holidays arrive

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There’s no place like home for the holidays and if you want your home to feel as festive and fun as possible, it’s a good idea to get a jump on your holiday sprucing.  

Of course, you want to clean the whole house — and you probably should — but there are a few things that will significantly reduce your stress if you tackle them before the crowds come and the craziness sets in.


No holiday celebration would be complete without delicious food, so a good place to begin your holiday cleaning is the kitchen. Make sure your cupboards and cabinets are organized in a way that won’t have you frantically fumbling through the dishes to find the storage containers for all of those leftovers. 

However, Popular Mechanics advises leaving the oven off of the cleaning list since the self-cleaning feature can be hard on the appliance. You don’t want to wear it out before all the baking begins. 

Toys and clutter

The more items you have in your house the harder it is to keep clean. If you plan on making any purchases this holiday season, you might want to take a minute to clear out the stuff you no longer need.

Real Simple suggests letting go of things like old decorations, holiday cards, outgrown toys, unused gifts and clothing you’re not excited to wear during the winter.

Guest bedroom

Even if no one has slept in the guest bedroom for a few months, you’ll want to throw those sheets in the wash.

According to Sleep Advisor, mattresses can accumulate between 100,000 to 10 million dust mites that may cause allergic symptoms such as hay fever, coughing, asthma, eczema and more. Wash the bed sheets at least weekly to keep everyone healthy for the holidays. 

Washing machine

Speaking of keeping everyone healthy, before you throw those sheets in the wash, you’ll want to make sure your washing machine is clean — and this doesn’t just happen by washing clothes inside of it.

Since washing machines can be breeding grounds for bacteria, Good Housekeeping recommends running a hot wash without clothes or detergent once a month, wiping the drum seal with an antibacterial cloth, and leaving the door open between washes to prevent mold growth. 


You know you should vacuum regularly, but you might not know that that doesn’t mean your carpets are clean. Carpets can trap microscopic irritants and allergens, so having them professionally cleaned before you have a house full of company is a good idea. Healthline suggests getting them cleaned once a month, particularly if you have pets. 



Hard water stains

Those hard water stains in the shower have been embarrassing you long enough. Make your bathrooms, showers and sinks shine with one simple hack: lemon. Though it may seem too easy to be true, Care Cleaning says that simply cutting a lemon in half and rubbing it directly on hard water spots will remove the stains. 

The toilet

Last but not least, don’t overlook the part of your house that gets a big workout during the holidays — your toilet. The last thing you want is for a plumbing issue, broken seat or flushing problem to cause some uncomfortable memories for your visitors, so Popular Mechanics recommends making sure that everything is in order before the parties begin.

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