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Christmas morning is one of the most exciting moments of the year, as you unwrap anticipated gifts beneath the tree. But when the flurry of wrapping paper, ribbons and bows is strewn around the room and you’re left in an exhausted heap on the floor, will those coveted presents stand the test of time or will they find their way to the trash, like the boxes that contained them?

If you’re tired of spending hard-earned money on gifts that wind up in the garbage or recycling bin, it’s time to rethink your holiday purchases.

Here are some ideas for gifts your friends and family will love and cherish for years to come.


If you want to give a gift that brings lasting comfort and joy, you can’t go wrong with a soft, cozy blanket. Not only is it a practical gift for the wintertime, it will last for years.

For the best blankets, look no further than Minky Couture. These blankets provide plush comfort with their 100 percent polyester, fleece-like qualities. The high quality of Minky fabric protects its colors from fading and supports long-lasting warmth, which has contributed to the company's Best of State title for the last four years.

The best part is that Minky blankets can be customized with a particular pattern or fabric. Whether you’re looking for a baby blanket or something big enough to wrap up the entire family, Minky Couture offers something for everyone.

Memories and photographs

Always a big hit around the holidays, memory and photobooks are classic gifts for family and close friends.

For those who are short on cash, a simple photograph with a dollar store frame can mean the world to someone. If you want to get a little more creative, create a personalized photo gift, such as a mug or socks, as shown in Country Living. This is a unique way to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you while creating a gift they’ll treasure for years to come.

The gift of time

If you’re shopping for children this Christmas season, odds are you’ve felt the pressure of checking off their wish lists sent to Santa. Although it may be fun to shop for the latest toy craze or stack dozens of presents under the tree, Educate and Empower Kids reminds parents that immaterial gifts are what children really want — and need — for Christmas.

Instead of hundreds of dollars’ worth of toys, invest in something that will provide you and your child with quality time together, such as memberships to the zoo, tickets to sporting events and movies, or gift cards to their favorite restaurants.


With no maintenance, expiration date, assembly or batteries required, books make great gifts for all ages.

Buying someone a book is like “sending them on a mental vacation for free,” according to Bustle. They’re easy to wrap, affordable and good for a person’s mental and physical health. In fact, a study in Social Science & Medicine found that people who read tend to live longer.

So give the gift of longevity this holiday season and buy your friends and family books.


If you want to know what people really want for Christmas, all you need to do is turn to Twitter. In a 2016 analysis of the top tweeted terms related to what people want for Christmas, Brandwatch found that the No. 1 gift on both men and women’s wish lists was dogs and puppies.

However, this should not be a suprise gift, rather one that is given after discussing it with the person and ensuring the animal will be cared for. After all, as one Twitter user advised, a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. No matter the species — dog, cat, bird, mouse — check the local animal shelter or rescue to find your loved one's next best friend.

If you’re ready to buy one of these great gifts for everyone on your list but you don’t want to brave the cold, wrap up in your own Minky Couture blanket and shop from the comfort of home.