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5 special occasions when you should wear white

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Wearing all white might seem antiquated, but there are actually still many occasions where a white gown may be the most appropriate dress. Color in clothing is often symbolic, meaning that you can express a certain idea or meaning by choosing a specific color, and white is no exception to this rule.

Although bright colors are expressive and fun to add to your wardrobe, white is also an important presence in your formal clothing as well. Whatever your fashion preferences, here are five special occasions that will benefit from a graceful white gown.

1. Your wedding day

Your wedding day is the most obvious answer to when you’ll need a white dress. Western culture has long followed the tradition of wearing white on one’s wedding day. Color Wheel Pro describes white in association with light, goodness, innocence, purity and virginity. White is also often considered to be the color of perfection, and what bride doesn’t want to look perfect on her special day?

As for other significant meanings for white on a wedding day, colormeaning.com says, “In color psychology, white is the color of new beginnings — wiping the slate clean. The color white is a blank canvas, just waiting to be written on.”

What better way to start your marriage than with a symbol that represents a clean start to an important chapter in your life? Simplicity is always beautiful, particularly if you want your wedding dress to be more significant than trendy.

2. Births and blessings

Just like white means new beginnings for a marriage, white is also significant for births and religious rites for children. Among other things, the purpose of christenings and baby blessings is to introduce the child or baby into a community of friends, family and fellow worshippers, says Huggies.

Anything from a church christening to a simple naming ceremony can be augmented by a beautiful white dress for the child, and there’s nothing that stops the proud mother, aunt or godmother from participating as well. If you have a baby blessing coming up for your little one, a white dress might be the perfect choice for your outfit for the occasion.

3. Baptisms

Although much of the Christian world baptizes children when they are young, some religions hold the religious rite of baptism later in life. No matter when the baptism occurs, the symbolic meaning of cleansing and rebirth remain the same. Baptisms are especially tied to white since the person is making a religious commitment to be pure and clean before God, says Mormon.org. Religious rites and the clothing associated with them have always been important, and white is often a common color used to express high religious commitment and purity, says Encyclopedia Britannica. Whether it’s your baptism or the baptism of your child, a white dress will be apropos to the occasion.

4. Summer gatherings

Other than white having a deeper meaning in religious clothing and rites, it’s an extremely comfortable color to wear during hot summer weather, and it has been a necessity for a woman’s wardrobe since Jane Austen times. Whether you’re attending a fancy garden party or going to see a dear friend perform in an upscale outdoor venue, wearing a white dress always portrays class and refinement.

Depending on the style you want, you can opt for something more simple and casual, or an outfit that shows your love for light and cool clothing. What’s more, white complements most skin tones so it will always offer an advantage in any social situation.

5. Going to the temple

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may attend the temple to receive sacred religious rites when they reach adulthood. This event is highly significant in the life of a person, and thus requires significant clothing.

If you’re in search of a temple dress that is both beautiful and becoming of your unique personality, visit modwhite.com for a variety of classic and timeless white gowns to choose from.