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Book review: 'Book of Mormon Family Reader' promotes simple, regular family scripture study

"The Book of Mormon Family Reader" is edited by Tyler McKellar and illustrated by Dan Burr.
"The Book of Mormon Family Reader" is edited by Tyler McKellar and illustrated by Dan Burr.
Deseret Book

"THE BOOK OF MORMON READER," by Tyler McKellar, illustrated by Dan Burr, Deseret Book, $24.99, 292 pages (nf)

In "The Book of Mormon Family Reader," editor Tyler McKellar and illustrator Dan Burr create deeper interest and meaning in family scripture study for parents and children of all ages by using several different methods.

Each brief section — that may be completed in as little as five minutes — is labeled with a scripture reference and has a short summary of what is happening to help set up the the scene. After the relevant scriptures, there are questions that help families to discuss ways in which each specific story applies to people individually.

Illustrations help to visualize the events and while they are monochromatic, each contains beautiful, thought-provoking detail that helps to enrich the scripture study experience.

This doesn't include all verses in the Book of Mormon, but rather McKellar has chosen to include select verses that help readers to best understand each contextual story. For example, "The Book of Mormon Family Reader" does not start with the first verse of 1 Nephi, but rather begins with verse eight. The sections are also divided not by chapter, but by event, making it possible to have short, yet meaningful study that breaks in a natural way.

This book is a great way to include children of all ages in family scripture study. While some of the questions seem geared toward older children and teens, parents can figure out a way to word the questions more simply for younger family members.

McKellar has a background in advertising and copywriting and currently works as a freelance writer and screenwriter. He lives with his wife and six children in Idaho. Burr is an award-willing illustrator of many popular LDS picture books, including "The Christmas Train" by Thomas S. Monson. He and his wife have two children and live in Idaho.

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