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Utah lawmaker brings back bill to end auto registration requirements

SALT LAKE CITY — The third time was a charm for Rep. Christine Watkins, R-Price, who found support from a House committee on her proposal to repeal the requirement that motorists have vehicle registration in the car.

The House Transportation Committee voted last week to send Watkins' HB161 to the full House for further debate. The bill had been shot down in a previous presentation to the committee.

This time, lawmakers gave it a unanimous thumbs-up.

"We're in a different day and time than we were many years ago," Watkins said.

She said her local sheriff told her officers can use computers in their patrol vehicles to "pull everything up we need to know about that car before we even get out of our vehicles."

Watkins said there is a lot of sensitive information on the registration card that many people would rather not have in their vehicles.