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Resolution to rally cities against gangs gets nod from Senate committee

FILE - This Feb. 24, 2017, file photo, shows the Utah State Capitol, in Salt Lake City.
A Senate committee OK'd a resolution that would call on cities and communities across Utah to work together to thwart rising gang violence.
Rick Bowmer, Associated press

SALT LAKE CITY — Senate Minority Whip Karen Mayne's resolution SCR12, which encourages local governments and community groups to work together to reduce gang violence, received a favorable nod from the Senate Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee Wednesday.

The resolution calls for a comprehensive approach including, "research-based interventions" to counteract increasing gang activity and recruitment in Utah.

"This is a real problem," Mayne, D-West Valley City, said, observing that in her personal judgment, it has "ticked up in the last year or so."

Nichole Cottle, assistant city manager for West Valley, said "this is everywhere in every community."

Cottle recommended to anyone who doubts it to ride along with a police officer in their community.

Salt Lake Police Chief Mike Brown agreed, saying "make no mistake, gangs are here."

The full Senate will now consider the measure.