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Did you see Zero Fatalities’ impactful advertisement?

SHARE Did you see Zero Fatalities’ impactful advertisement?


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During the big game, we aired a Zero Fatalities advertisement to address Utah’s distracted driving problem. The advertisement—Your Fault—depicted the seriousness of distracted driving in an honest light.

While many of the Zero Fatalities ads in the past have been light and fun, sometimes you need to take a different, more serious approach to get people’s attention and really make them think.

The truth is anyone who is distracted behind the wheel risks the lives of everyone around them. People are dying on Utah roads due to the simple, seemingly innocent acts of distracted drivers.

A recent study performed by Virginia Tech found that 70 percent of all observed crashes “could be avoided if no distraction was present.” Since car crashes continue to be a leading cause of death in the United States, this PSA is a powerful reminder to drive focused.

This ad is a very sanitized version of what actually happens in a crash, and far less graphic than what is shown on popular media today. Unfortunately, our law enforcement partners see these crashes and fatalities in real life. The simple act of getting drivers to resist distraction by focusing behind the wheel will save lives.

If the driver in your car is distracted, do the same things you would do if he or she picked up a beer. Take it away. You can easily do this by asking: “Can I text for you / Can I find the Spotify station for you?” But if that doesn’t work, try to safely take the distraction away.

Remember, as a passenger you, have the right to a safe ride. It is illegal, after all, to manipulate a device while driving in Utah. Don’t be a passive passenger—make sure your driver is alert and ready for the task.

You can get involved by pledging to join the Resistance. Simply visit the Zero Fatalities website at http://ut.zerofatalities.com/resist/. Once on the website, you can take the pledge to resist distracted driving and earn rewards for becoming a more focused driver.