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6A high school swimming: Lone Peak boys, American Fork girls lead after opening day

Cyprus' Brian Christofferson won the 50 yard freestyle at the 6A state swimming meet on Thursday.
Cyprus' Brian Christofferson won the 50 yard freestyle at the 6A state swimming meet on Thursday.
James Edward

BOUNTIFUL — Forty-four years later, another Christofferson has written his name into the Cyprus swimming record books.

Forty-four years after his dad won the 50 freestyle state championship, Brian Christofferson followed in his footsteps at the South Davis Rec Center on Thursday during the first day of the 6A state championships.

Positioned in the lane next to the 50 freestyle top qualifier from Lone Peak, Josh Ries, Christofferson led almost the entire race finishing with a strong time of 21.34 — the best time in Utah this year.

“That felt awesome. I’ve been trying to go that fast all year, and I finally did it,” said Christofferson, who immediately jumped out of the pool and ran to his dad Lyle for a big embrace on the pool deck.

“This has been one of my goals, I’ve always wanted to be a state champ and go that fast. I just found the fuel.”

Christofferson’s triumph was the last race of an exciting opening day at the inaugural 6A state meet.

Lone Peak’s boys are the heavy favorites to repeat as state champs, and they opened up a commanding lead after the first day with 181.5 team points. Pleasant Grove sits a distance second with 90 points.

On the girls side American Fork leads after the first day with 122.5 points, followed by Kearns with 109 and Lone Peak with 96.

Kearns swept the first three events, winning the 200-yard medley relay and then the 200 free and 200 IM.

Plaudis anchored the medley relay and then won the 200 IM with a time of 2:06.66, which was two seconds faster than her second-place time from last year’s 4A meet. Considering the circumstances with her goggles, that was really impressive.

“I couldn’t see anything. My goggles were really foggy so I couldn’t see what I was doing,” said Plaudis.

Her teammate Keely Christenot won the 200 free with a time of 2:58.27, over a second faster than American Fork freshman Allie Hill.

Kearns might not have the depth to compete with Lone Peak and American Fork, but it got off to a great start on Thursday.

Layton’s Abby Frazier won the only other individual event on Thursday, prevailing in the 50 free with a time of 25.12.

Lone Peak brothers Jordan Tiffany and Braden Tiffany played a big part in two first-place finishes for the Knights. They each swam a leg in the 200 medley relay, and then they were part of a 1-2-3 finish in the 200 individual medley with teammate Kevin Dew finishing third.

“It was hard being fifth last year (in the 200 IM), didn’t swim as well as I wanted to and it’s nice to come back and win it,” said sophomore Jordan Tiffany, who beat his older brother for the title.

That was OK with Braden Tiffany.

“This will be my last meet competing and I’m glad I got to race right next to my brother,” said Braden Tiffany.

Pleasant Grove’s Devin Bunnell prevailed in the 200 freestyle with a scintillating time of 1:40.20, the third-best time in state history and over two seconds faster than his winning time a year ago at state.

“Most the boys on the podium there with me they train at the same club as me, so even though they’re from my rival school I feel like they’re my brothers cause I train with them every day,” said Bunnell.


At South Davis Rec Center

Boys Team Scores

1. Lone Peak, 181.5; 2. Pleasant Grove, 90; 3. Riverton, 69; 4. Cyprus, 56; 5. Westlake, 55; 6. Davis, 54; 7 (tie). Weber, Kearns, 47.

Individual results

200 Medley Relay — 1. Lone Peak (Josh Ries, Jordan Tiffany, Braden Tiffany, Jake Mickelson), 1:35.05; 2. Westlake, 1:39.39; 3. Pleasant Grove, 1:40.38; 4. Weber, 1:42.10; 5. Riverton, 1:43.18; 6. Kearns, 1:43.38.

200 Free — 1. Devin Bunnell, Pleasant Grove, 1:40.20; 2. Jake Mickelson, Lone Peak, 1:45.11; 3. Bryant Karratti, Lone Peak, 1:45.39; 4. Landon Stalnaker, Bingham, 1:46.37; 5. Dylan Stauffer, American Fork, 1:47.38; 6. Tom Mi, Davis, 1:49.16.

200 Individual Medley — 1. Jordan Tiffany, Lone Peak, 1:56.25; 2. Braden Tiffany, Lone Peak, 2:00.85; 3. Kevin Dew, Lone Peak, 2:02.93; 4. Sage Helton, Kearns, 2:03.90; 5. Sam Raubenheimer, Riverton, 2:05.11; 6. Josh Griener, Lone Peak, 2:05.40.

50 Free — 1. Brian Christofferson, Cyprus, 21.34; 2. Josh Ries, Lone Peak, 21.65; 3. Adam Strong, Riverton, 22.17; 4. Greg Simonsen, Westlake, 22.29; 5. Kyle Hammond, Cyprus, 22.53; 6 (tie). Brandon Denully, Syracuse; Boyd Abernethy, Lone Peak, 22.55.

Girls Team Scores

1. American Fork, 122.5; 2. Kearns, 109; 3. Lone Peak, 96; 4. Syracuse, 75; 5. Bingham, 61; 6. Davis, 48; 7. Hillcrest, 46; 8. Westlake, 44.

Individual results

200 Medley Relay — 1. Kearns (Holly Biesinger, Lily Plaudis, Kimerly Biesinger, Deja Martz), 1:51.60; 2. Lone Peak, 1:53.04; 3. Syracuse, 1:55.8; 4. Hillcrest, 1:57.41; 5. American Fork, 1:57.89; 6. Bingham, 1:58.58.

200 Free — 1. Keely Christenot, Kearns, 1:58.27; 2. Allie Hill, American Fork, 2:00.13; 3. Amelia Edwards, American Fork, 2:01.16; 4. Katie Christofferson, Cyprus, 2:01.51; 5. Lindsey Young, Bingham, 2:01.85; 6. Jessica Barker, Davis, 2:03.11.

200 Individual Medley — 1. Lily Plaudis, Kearns, 2:06.66; 2. Kenzie Chesler, Lone Peak, 2:12.14; 3. LynDea Turner, Syracuse, 2:17.40; 4. Samantha Nelson, Syracuse, 2:18.75; 5. Kimerly Biesinger, Kearns, 2:19.54; 6. Sara Edwards, American Fork, 2:20.07.

50 Free — 1. Abby Frazier, Layton, 25.12; 2. Taylor McAleavy, Lone Peak, 25.44; 3. Ryan Lincoln, Westlake, 25.64; 4. Deja Martz, Kearns, 25.65; 5. Brynna Thompson, Bingham, 25.73; 6. Christina Gillespie, Clearfield, 26.05.