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Retro license plate bill passes Senate

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SALT LAKE CITY — A bill that will bring back retro black license plates passed the Senate Friday.

Sen. Lincoln Fillmore, R-South Jordan, sponsored SB41, which would create a Utah State Historical Society special group license plate.

The plate would be solid black with white letters and no logo, similar to Utah's plates from 1966-1968

The idea grows out of an online petition that needed 500 signatures of interested Utahns.

"We have asked the state of Utah to consider bringing back a current version of the handsome retro Utah license plate (black with white lettering) that was used for so many years and name it the 'Legacy' plate," the petition states.

Fillmore lamented that reflective black paint does not exist. The closest states have been able to produce is dark purple in order to maintain reflection requirements. SB41 exempts the Utah State Historical Special Group license plate from those requirements if materials cannot be found to make it black.

The bill passed the Senate 22-1 and now goes to the House for consideration.